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Infosys Process Progression Model is addressing clients' expectations on Transformation

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PPM's strength lies in defining the transformation roadmap aligned with client's core long-term business strategy and providing detailed levers for its realization.

What clients expect from transformation

I have seen a tremendous drift in the expectations of the European clients towards outsourcing and overall expectations on transformation and business partnering. Clients expect service providers to be their transformation partners so that they can focus on core business.

We as business process providers have ambition to deliver value to our clients which has impact on their end customer. To many of our European clients, we have realized value as financial result e.g. improvement of sales, cash flow, reduced costs of operations or it can have impact on speed and quality of services. The qualitative measures will be indicated by improved customer satisfaction or market perception.

BPO organization acting as transformation partner should be able to impact business decisions of the customers. One of the biggest opportunities, in this side of the continent, is the current trend on Big Data analysis. This is a mandate of BPO organizations to use all possible sources of data to identify opportunities for improvement or more detailed business insight.

PPM's role in addressing transformation

Infosys PPM framework addresses the transformation needs of our clients. This is our commitment that we will deliver the business value to our customers through our partnership contract. We realize that only this can ensure the true satisfaction and long lasting relationship. PPM is helping us guide this transformation journey. It is methodological and transparent framework, which directs us and our clients to develop a customized transformation plan for each engagement and enables us to use the right transformation lever at the right stage.

We treat the P1 stage of PPM (Noiseless Process) as the must-have element, which in itself is the pre-requisite for further progression. Our aim is to enhance this most basic period of a noiseless delivery by putting operations into auto-pilot mode and with saved efforts focus on improvements and transformation.

From the early stage of relationship we will try to identify process gaps and opportunities for maturity increase. Infosys has a suit of methodologies that is used for assessment of the current state as well as driving the change. The whole Change Framework leveraged in PPM model ensures change is properly planned and executed, with clear and transparent progress monitoring element. Infosys makes continuous significant investments in order to ensure all the most advanced developments are used for transformation of processes of our clients. We ensure that within five core themes of PPM (Service Delivery, People, Knowledge Management, Technology, Risk and Compliance) we propose best-in-class and up-to-date practices and solutions to achieve the best value for money from outsourced operations.

Apart from leveraging best practices, harmonization techniques, automation possibilities and Lean and Six Sigma approach to bring process efficiency, we deep dive into data coming from different sources and do advanced analytics. To add value, we will provide market intelligence, domain trends and in-depth market research that would impact business strategy of our clients. The internal and external benchmarking is used to document the tangible benefits and impact of changes on the clients' operating and financial metrics.

As described above, PPM's strength lies in defining the transformation roadmap aligned with client's core long-term business strategy and providing detailed levers for its realization, enabling for progress monitoring and value delivery.

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yeah, well said ..in this current call of economy BPOs are facing more challenges than oppertunities.
Bert Quintana, president and chief operating officer says "Consolidation has whittled down the number of significant providers". Demand is unpredictable and BPO providers need to meet the right balance.

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