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Enhancing Customer Experience: The digital movement

The last decade has seen dramatic changes in customer buying patterns and customer service requirements.

"Satisfied customer is a repeat customer and a business requisite for success" - this quote holds true and remains a fact for customer-driven organizations. Changing customer requirements have forced organization to adopt new organizational strategies focusing on providing better customer service thereby enhancing success of the business. Service plays a pivotal role in enabling organizations movement towards customer seamlessly. In the current situation where customers have easy access to technology and are taking to digital services, new challenges have emerged and there is a need to emulate customer expectations.

The last decade has seen dramatic changes in customer buying patterns and customer service requirements. New technology products, developments in social media, and changing customer requirements in the digital space, mandate that organizations adopt the online medium of sales and marketing at the earliest.

Change in customer expectations

Demanding customers and intense competition has brought about changes in the way organizations functions globally. Innovative transformation solutions and timely execution pave way for organizations existence in today's world. Time is of essence for both the customer and the organization selling products and services.  For instance, a delayed product release or promotional activity means a lost opportunity for the organization. In the current business scenario, customers expect:

  • Convenience - Ability to connect with businesses anywhere and at any time.
  • Easy and quick website navigation - Navigation within the customer portal made easy and convenient for customers to complete actions. Dedicated applications to reduce time and make transactions more user friendly.
  • Self-help and elimination of 3rd party dependencies - Availability of self-help guide and an effective customer advisor (virtual) to provide immediate solutions.
  • Quick information "on the go" - Ability to get information about products and services. Access to organizations through digital means to make quick decisions.
  • Safe and secure product and service processing - Hassle-free transactions and appropriate payment systems to enable online transactions. Payment systems should be meticulous to enable quick and safe payment processing.

5 steps organizations should take to get closer to the customer

  • Technology augmentation: Leverage an efficient content, campaign management and analytics tool to ensure quick, easy, and predictable information retrieval. This eliminates the need for multiple tools and ensures better integration between relevant tools. These tools provide an overall "one view" of processes and their effectiveness.
  • Business process simplification: On the one hand, organizations must centralize content for marketing needs, brand building, and promotional activities. While on the other, they must localize / segment content based on geographies/ regions to attract potential customers. Localization helps to bring organizations closer to customers and attract prospects.
  • Skill is the key to deliver value: Quality output is undisputable and hence resources are often re-skilled to provide quality work. Niche skills, required to provide appropriate information to customers must be ingrained in resources who understand both technical and business processes. Leveraging skilled/ experienced resources on tools and techniques would contribute incrementally to the value delivered to the end-customer and the business.
  • Doing more for less:  Reduction of cost is a priority for all organizations - they should constantly keep looking for opportunities to reduce costs and improve services. However, investments in technology, infrastructure, and people to reinforce the shift towards digital space are very high. Hence, identifying niche partners who could deliver quality output can help organizations reduce cost.
  • Business value driver: Changing customer requirements, frequent process changes, and radical shifts in technology enforces the need for all organizations to keep pace with times and deliver innovative solutions to customers.  The more convenient and simple the processes are for customers, the more beneficial it would be for organizations to build an environment conducive for customers.

The demand for digital services is growing exponentially that requires a very agile and dedicated customer support / management services to keep customers delighted. Developments in the technology industry have invariably increased the demand for digital services.  To stay on par with the competition, organizations need to focus actively on the services provided to customer.


Good way of attracting the customer is to release innovative products into market. . .that's a good idea. . .

well said.. delivering quality product alone does not help in today's market.. Customer looks for value addition and his experience through this relationship. Having Niche skills .. is a good thought

Interesting read on how the digital ecosystem is ultimately shaped by customer expectations. Tech augmentation being a key expectation - digital should look at augmenting services on smart phones now with digital interaction increasingly shifting to this device

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