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Should you reshape your procurement career in the middle of AI and automation?

What's the silver lining your procurement career has in such turbulent times? You can still save your career by following at least one of two approaches.

A number of you may be hearing about it while some may yet be ignorant about the impact of automation and artificial intelligence (AI) on the procurement function and the jobs of procurement professionals. In any case you must know that your procurement career is seriously at risk now due to the rising power of these techniques to make most of judgemental and rule based business processes man-less.

If you are a P2P (Procure to Pay) side professional, you must worry the most. Tasks like PR validation, e-catalogue content updating, price file maintenance etc. are getting executed more and more by computers than humans. If you are an A2C (Analyze to contract) side professional, your jobs are not safe either. Tasks like bids comparison, spend analysis led opportunities identification, supply market intelligence are being piloted already for partial to full automation with AI.

So what's the silver lining you have in such turbulent times? You can still save your career by rechristening yourself through following at least one of the two approaches. The first approach is to study about both techniques, invite your procurement services partner to gauge solutions available and embrace them into your function immediately. Your managers will be pleased and news will go up to your CEO and CFO making your popularity soar. The second approach is to enhance your cognitive and strategic sourcing skills through related specialized education and training programs. If you can't beat them, jump into them. Simple!

All the best and join me in this procurement profession sustainability linked conversation.


Most hot topic. CK you have touched it well. Keep blogging!!

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