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SSCs have evolved. They are the future and will stay around for a reasonably long time

Across industries, the Global Business Services trends are noteworthy and for decision makers, there are more questions than answers.

Most organizations with global operations are still thinking about whether Shared services is the right model for them or not. Across industries, the Global Business Services trends are noteworthy. Shared service is a streamlined way of working to support business process execution within an organization.  For decision makers, there are more questions (and of the new kind) than answers. Only organizations with deep pockets have perfected the science and art of shared services over the past decade 

A few observations from industry :

Deep pockets. Do I have the money to invest and try?

  • Top organizations in the world - P&G , Microsoft, Google,  Shell, ExxonMobil have recognized the value of shared services for a very very long time. These are companies with deeper pockets who have had the luxury to try , fail and try again to improve the model 
  • Involve the expertise to leapfrog the SSC maturity journey. After all , there is an advantage being a mature adopter against the risks of an early adopter of the SSC model

Go East - or stay stuck with higher costs. Is there an option?

  • Technology has disrupted this trend completely. With the possibilities of running connected operations from anywhere in the world, we see more and more companies embracing near shore models for cultural fit and proximity advantages.
  • Over the next 4-5 years, expect the unexpected. Transactional processes will be automated using RPA Bots and it will still be profitable to provide oversight with a nimble global organization

Build, Buy or Co-create. Do I have the ability to run a Captive Shared service on my own?

  • Not everyone is an expert. Companies flourish not because they improve their SLAs on operational processes. They flourish because they do their best innovating and disrupting in their industry.
  • Shared services have largely focused on support functions in Finance and accounting, procurement support, order to cash etc.  One of our clients recently coined a nice quote- "Give time back to business. Let them do best,what they are good at"

Managing change. How do I take people along to embrace new way of working?

  • ·Organization culture was nonexistent when the client started its business. There is always a first time, and this needs the right expertise and guidance to manage involvement and change for its stakeholders. Again - it's painful but not impossible. It's important to get the slicing right first time.

Sustainable SSCs are not for cost - cutters

  •  Deploying an SSC can provide a cost advantage. 6 of 10 clients I speak to , indicate SSC as a new way of working that will foster innovation , bring predictable performance and consistency with cost reduction being one of the factors.  What do you think?



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