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Our Journey of Innovation from the Rainbow Nation | Infosys BPM South Africa

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We started our journey in the rainbow nation in 2012. South Africa is famous for its multi-cultural diversity, cuisine and arts. David Van Der Merwe, shares his experience of heading the South African operations, his love for the game and more in his interview.


1.       Please elaborate on (the work done at) your DC/country and its history (w.r.t. Infosys BPM).

Our Netherland operations started in 2012 with our first delivery centre in Johannesburg as part of a rebadged deal. We are currently focused on providing Finance & Accounting related services.

2.        How has your journey/ experience been with Infosys BPM?

Over the last eight years, I have been on a roller-coaster journey with ups and downs but mainly ending on ups. Lots of learning opportunities which was a result of hard work, patience and the knowledge that was gained with experience.

3.        What is your favorite part of work?

It's an engaging atmosphere that allows me to meet new people and provides me with the opportunity to innovate.

4.        How would you describe the overall employee profile/ diversity in your DC/country?

Our team comprises of sports lovers, and therefore they were extremely disappointed when the South African team didn't qualify for the World Cup.

5.        Which country is most likely to win this year's football world cup and why?

Spain, because they have outstanding football players and when they work together they will be very dangerous. I would pick Spain, as they have a star-studded line-up and they can be lethal when they work as a team.

6.        What's your favourite memory/ association w.r.t. the football world cup (or football in general)?

2010 - When South Africa successfully hosted the Football World Cup for the 1st time.

7.        Please share some thoughts on your country's footballing culture.

About 4.5 million people out of a total population of 50 million play the game at 900 registered football clubs. This is the largest sport played by South Africans followed by Rugby & Cricket. The county usually comes to a standstill during any major football event.

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