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March 1, 2016

A practitioner's approach to Spend and Process management

Procurement services provided to scientists, researchers and clinical administrators, require a committed understanding of the sector along with domain competence which makes all the difference in the world of BPM services.

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October 23, 2012

Choose a wizard-like procurement partner to succeed or else? Fail...

"We have been sold Dummies!!" - exclaimed Mr. X, flaring nostrils et al. "But Sir, we have a plan and I'm sure the C-Sat scores will definitely come up", muttered Mr. Z, the Account Manager from the Model Services. Mr. X, now all the more worked up - "When we signed this deal, you had provided us with the best of your people to design the plan, process and now people who are working on these requests are stuck at basic terminology and on top of it make elementary grammar mistakes." "Do you even understand as to how I face the CEO with all the ensuing escalations when I am the one who sold this 'brilliant' outsourcing idea to him? What am I supposed to do now?!! "

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