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July 30, 2012

How to get the best piece of the emerging economy pie

With unfamiliar territory come familiar apprehensions. And, these apprehensions are manifold for large and relatively smaller organizations. Overriding these is the fact that the moniker "emerging market economy" (EME) brings with a certainty of profitability that the traditional economies are faltering with today. And, adding to this will be innovation -- a success driver in the new world order and emerging economies.

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January 31, 2012

I like the best of both worlds...some call it choice, and some two timing!!!

As an ardent car lover I fancy the hybrids - they are efficient, have great fuel economy and are evolving - from the conventional hybrids right through the plug-ins. Essentially it is the synergy of how two or more technologies play out to deliver a seamless enhanced driving experience and deliver on a common goal. Likewise in the world of shared services, the concept of hybrid has evolved from merely a cost play to a strategic transformation initiative. The world is moving to the global business services model to drive efficiency and effectiveness. That is paving the way for co-creation and effective governance of insource and outsource model. For an organization, a hybrid setup does three things: provides access to world-class best practices and methodologies, allows an infusion of  standardization and improvement rigor through the insourced framework while allowing the flexibility to retain processes viewed as too risky.  Tactically, the presence of a vendor partner helps keep the captive honest, something that most captives may not like to hear...but which to my mind, is ultimately in the best interest of the organization. So why lose sleep agonizing over whether to make or buy?  Instead make and buy. Nothing wrong with having the best of both worlds, is there?