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April 1, 2019

How can Sourcing and Procurement gain from combined success stories?

I was in the process of wrapping up a sourcing project for a client, when we received a call from the secretary of a senior partner of the supplier organisation. She wanted to set-up a feedback session on the vendor selection process and their performance. Now, this seemed like some kind of a mistake. Usually, the suppliers who are not selected ask for such a feedback window. I explained to her that their organisation has been selected and the contract negotiation phase will commence soon. In fact, she was aware about the status and mentioned that their organization has this policy to request a feedback session with the client not only for the business lost, but also for the contracts won.
I found this absolutely intriguing. 

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October 25, 2018

Women- The new trailblazers in Procurement and Supply Chain transformation.

Women have started making a positive impact in traditionally male-dominated segments of Supply Chain like procurement, warehousing and logistics. Industrial sectors such as manufacturing and mining etc. have also started opening up more and more avenues for women. companies have also started to integrate women into top management roles. Procurement too has seen women performing well at all levels starting from Procurement Specialist, Purchasing Officers, Contracts Officer, Buyers, Sourcing Leads and Purchasing Assistant to Consulting, Transformational, Change Management and Category Management Roles.

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