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October 25, 2016

Do you know how you fail?

The manufacturing industry has been evolving out of standard productivity models to higher intelligent systems based on this human experience of "seeing it early", or "knowing the fail".

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April 1, 2014

The NEER Future

As the industry is set to explore new competencies for enterprises to differentiate in the backdrop of intense competition in market place, the expectation from the "supply chain" goes to the next level.

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January 21, 2014

Make your assumptions "SMART"

During the stage of business solution conceptualization, assumptions become a subject of primary importance owing to their contribution to the building blocks of the solution framework. Hence, it is imperative that a careful diligence exercise is carried out while selecting them out from a whole list of available options.

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October 26, 2013

Risk Management in Logistics services

The current market situation being extremely demanding, the existing operating environment of the supply chain has become vulnerable in terms of its capacity of "risk resistance" and also has challenged its own ability to avoid such risks.

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September 4, 2013

Managing the "Double-edged Sword" for a Successful Project Performance

The indicator for an organization for measurement of  successful project management primarily has always been its cost performance vs. meeting the ultimate set deliverables "on time". This "Double-edged Sword" - "On Time Delivery" and "Project Cost Adherence" has been the key issue the industry and enterprises have been struggling with for years.

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August 13, 2013

The Proactive Supply Chain

A seamless collaborative planning approach will help create a robust, resilient, and risk mitigating supply chain and improve overall performance.

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