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November 15, 2018

Automate or Standardize

"To automate or standardize" a relevant question in today's business process management resonates closely with a 400-year-old soliloquy from Shakespeare - "To be or not to be". 

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July 3, 2018

People, Process and Technological Harmony|Infosys BPM Ireland

Ireland is an island nation located in Western Europe northwest of the United Kingdom. It has a strategic location on major air and sea routes between North America and northern Europe. David Van Der Merwe shares more in his interview about Ireland, football and his experience with Infosys BPM.

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July 2, 2018

Reimagining Processes, Redefining Businesses | Infosys BPM Netherlands

Home to the legendary Van Gogh, the Netherlands is recognized for its clogs, tulips and windmills. 50% of its land lies less than one meter above sea level. David Van Der Merwe shares more in his interview about the Netherlands, football and his experience with Infosys BPM.


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June 27, 2018

Our Journey of Innovation from the Rainbow Nation | Infosys BPM South Africa

We started our journey in the rainbow nation in 2012. South Africa is famous for its multi-cultural diversity, cuisine and arts. David Van Der Merwe, shares his experience of heading the South African operations, his love for the game and more in his interview.


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June 26, 2018

The Magic of Mexico | Infosys BPM Mexico

Mexico is a place where history meets modern civilization, from the vast ruins to lively arts scenes, it is a place with a very different type of ambience that is vibrant and full of flavour. Mario E. Pena shares his experience of Heading the Mexican operations, his love for the sport among other things in his interview.

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June 16, 2018

From Parramatta to the World: Infosys BPM Australia

Parramatta is situated in the State of New South Wales, Australia. This buzzing suburb is 20 minutes from the west of Sydney central business district and is home to our Delivery Centre. Vijay Melukote, Associate Vice President and Client Partner-GovConnect NSW, shares his experience of heading the Australian operations, the country's love for sports and more in his interview.

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May 31, 2018

Designing HR Services that Deliver Exceptional Employee Experience

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December 1, 2014

Seven steps to effective enterprise-wide compliance

Outsourcing a few compliance processes is not the solution; it is only part of the solution.

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November 28, 2014

Elevating business through client satisfaction

In today's world, whether it is a manufacturer or a service Provider, each one is aiming for client satisfaction as the only way to move forward. There is no other alternative as the rest of the other business objectives subsidies the client interest.

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May 16, 2014

If outcomes matter the most, who owns the process won't matter as much

Infosys Process Progression Model focuses on creating value, irrespective of scope.

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April 8, 2014

PPM - Assisting LatAm Clients Meet Transformational Objectives

The PPM framework comes at a very good moment, especially for markets like Latin America where clients are looking for partners who can help them to innovate, transform and automate.

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April 2, 2014

PPM is Enabling Infosys to Move from Being an 'Executer' to a 'Transformer'!

PPM is a framework which is very comprehensive and at the same time very simple. It allows us to move across three levels using a very practitioner led and structured approach.

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May 9, 2013

LPO 2.0

LPOs that flourished in the early days, succeeded because their sales and service teams were supported by US or UK trained lawyers who added their domain expertise and experience to building the client relationships. While the fundamentals of relationship-building remain consistent, in this next phase of LPO, termed LPO 2.0 by industry leaders, the primary driver for sales is shifting to delivering on-demand expertise effectively, to produce high-quality work product and process improvements.

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May 3, 2013

BPO - breaking the myth!

Once upon a time, during my B-school placements, I had to decide whether to join a BPO or not. I made an informed decision and am convinced that there is more to it than the general perception that a BPO is just a call center and no more. Here is what I have to share from my experience!

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December 31, 2012

Recent Court Decisions Impacting Technology Assisted Review

Sometimes, remarkable things happen in unlikely places.  On October 15th, in the Delaware Chancery Court, Vice Chancellor J. Travis Laster, delivering a ruling from the bench on a motion for summary judgment in a commercial indemnity dispute, sua sponte ordered the parties to use predictive coding technology.

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March 22, 2012

Back to basics -- Putting help back into the help desk

It is the dotted-lined bridge that HR leaders have to cross to evolve, from just being the basic administration department providing the threadbare solutions to being the Human Resource department which is adept at tackling the employee-specific problems.

The industry today is plagued with the assembly line approach. Once the HR head of a company remarked that, "95% of the time, things are fine and predictable. It is how well you manage the other 5% that sets you apart from the ordinary".

Most employee helpdesk models (that I have seen) are designed to just address the 95% of the most common queries and end up providing no added value. The real challenge is how well helpdesks manage the other 5%. And, in general, helpdesk models are weak in doing this.

Employee queries often arise during the first few weeks of joining or when they get transferred to a new location or when they move to a new role. Proactively addressing some of the potential issues that a new joinee may have can go a long way in improving employee engagement. Better still, is the idea of assigning a "Helpdesk buddy" for a new joinee that s/he can call for help during the initial days.

The other model is to find out the most annoying moments during the first 90 days of a new job and create simple text messages that can be delivered to the employee's mobile phone. I am sure I would have loved to get them during my initial days.

Another idea is to categorize helpdesk support based on the roles people play in an organization. Many helpdesks designers tend to follow "one-size-fits-all" idiom and lose out on customizing. As a salesman, I would be more worried about the calculation of commission or travel; while as a factory worker, it could be on overtime or safety. A helpdesk that just talks about 'generic' HR policy queries may not find a lot of 'likes'.

In the BG days (Before Google) days, remember the frustration of using the help feature that used to come with software? You needed to remember the exact terms and even the capitalizations words to get to the right kind of information. Today, in the AG (After Google) days, queries are universally accessible through a variety of blogs and social websites which are user-generated. You can now practically get answers to almost any question - a quality that the helpdesk should be heading to. Imagine how helpful that would be.

The online community model -- where users take ownership of the community -- should work its way into the enterprise HR model. Answers to employee queries should be fresh and updated, generated by those working in the company. This will increase employee engagement as well as shift the onus of responsibility solely from the HR leaders to the users themselves - the employees.

To gain a better understanding of the role of BPO in HR, access Maheedharan Thiagarajan's Point of View to 'Transform to the Human Resources Face of Tomorrow'.

January 31, 2012

I like the best of both worlds...some call it choice, and some two timing!!!

As an ardent car lover I fancy the hybrids - they are efficient, have great fuel economy and are evolving - from the conventional hybrids right through the plug-ins. Essentially it is the synergy of how two or more technologies play out to deliver a seamless enhanced driving experience and deliver on a common goal. Likewise in the world of shared services, the concept of hybrid has evolved from merely a cost play to a strategic transformation initiative. The world is moving to the global business services model to drive efficiency and effectiveness. That is paving the way for co-creation and effective governance of insource and outsource model. For an organization, a hybrid setup does three things: provides access to world-class best practices and methodologies, allows an infusion of  standardization and improvement rigor through the insourced framework while allowing the flexibility to retain processes viewed as too risky.  Tactically, the presence of a vendor partner helps keep the captive honest, something that most captives may not like to hear...but which to my mind, is ultimately in the best interest of the organization. So why lose sleep agonizing over whether to make or buy?  Instead make and buy. Nothing wrong with having the best of both worlds, is there?

May 16, 2011

Outsourcing for Cost vs. Value - An Analogy

This analogy is not mine and it came up during an internal conversation. All the same, I thought of sharing it as it is very relevant for many outsourcing discussions.

Often, outsourcing decisions are taken with the focused intention of saving costs. Other objectives do exist, but are less debated. Of course, saving costs is important and has tangible benefits. But outsourcing discussions should go beyond. Many decision makers know this but ignore acting on it as it is not immediately clear how it all adds up.

The situation is very similar to a weight watching program. While there is an obvious temptation to lose weight quickly, unless you sign up for a sustained lifestyle change, the results often disappear or lead to more damages in the long run. Signing up for a lifestyle change calls for more discipline and patience. And more importantly, you need a tougher and more committed coach. Further, it also means that you have to do much of the hard work. But this is the approach that is more likely to succeed in the  longer term, both in terms of getting in shape and staying that way. It is little wonder that few weight watching programs are successful and many move from one fad to another in their quest for better health.

So, outsourcing for saving costs or for convenience, can help shed some weight in the near term, but outsourcing for value calls for a more long term vision. It also calls for a tougher and more committed coach/partner. I would be glad to hear experiences to the contrary.

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