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Posted by Sankara Krishnan at 9:22 AM

Most new models go through hype cycles. I remember the .com days when an IT firm with a knock-out SCM solution was tipped to overtake Microsoft in valuation. It was 'cool' for me to work in a $3M fancy-named startup than in a $300M IT company. 12 years later, it is a different world.

Digital transformation is going back through the hype cycle right now.
Thanks to FB and Twitter, Google and Groupon, we now have a billion other believers. Digital marketing, Digital Commerce, Digital Service, Digital whatnot..

During the hype cycle, companies flood the market with a myriad of tools, and give them all kinds of funky names. If you analyzed the number of other names by which marketing is known in the digital world, other than digital marketing, you will find a dozen other names and be perplexed.

We believe this too shall pass!

Marketing is about three things: a savvy marketer, an interested customer and a great brand. It shall ever remain so. It is about the people and not the technology.

We believe digital marketing tools should ask and address these two basic questions:

# How has life become simpler for the marketer after she uses my tools i.e., - is digital enablement promoting efficiency of building the assets

# How is the framework better enabled to listen and understand customers i.e., is digital enablement promoting effectiveness of business outcomes to my topline and bottomline.

A great digital marketing solution drives efficiency and ensures effectiveness. No more. No less.


Thanks for a beautifully written content on the aspect of marketing and the various names given to it.

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