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Let's Simplify Digital Marketing

Posted by Ajay Anand at 4:43 PM

Back in October of 2010 when we started exploring ideas to build a new business platform, 'Digital Marketing' was only a bullet item in the BIZP 'idea bank' list. For no particular reason, I picked Digital Marketing - probably because it was the first bullet item. I call it serendipity! Like Forrest Gump's mama said "Life is like a box of chocolates and you never know what you're gonna get".

I am amazed by how much we have learnt and how much we have achieved as a team since then to build a blockbuster Digital Marketing Platform.  Building this platform has been a fantastic experience and the best phase of my 17+ year career with Infy. I must acknowledge that we have had more than our share of luck in this period. We have responded to 3 RFPs and won all three, including the famous multi-million dollar GlaxoSmithKline deal. As the launch date for this platform draws near, let me share with you some ideas on Digital Marketing and how we went about creating this 'Navaratna' platform. 

Even as enterprises were shifting from one-way marketing of products to anonymous buyers and moving towards dialog-based marketing to consumers, along came Digital Marketing. With its interactive channels that enabled marketers to connect with consumers, Digital Marketing promised to take enterprises to the nirvana of consumer-centricity with ease and rapidity.

But things are rarely that simple!

We set out to do a systematic study before we built our IP. We talked with clients, account teams and analysts, undertook market research, and looked at RFPs. Through all this, we made key discoveries. There were a lot of white spaces to fill and we set about doing just that.

Two clear problem areas emerged from our research:

Problem Area # 1: Digital Marketing had become complex. Marketers handled multiple brands, markets, products, tools, agencies, languages, compliance requirements, and verticals - and each came with its challenges. For example, reuse of Digital Assets across campaigns was poor and, in many cases, not possible. Another pain point is the lack of marketing process standardization - each brand within the enterprise does its own digital thing. The solution needed to meet the varying demands of multiple components of a fragmented environment. Doing digital had become difficult for enterprises. 'Efficiency' in campaign creation was critical.

Problem Area # 2: Thanks to digital consumers, marketers had access to unprecedented amounts of data. Overwhelmed with processing and making sense of this data, marketers needed a solution that gave them insights. Through it, they could make decisions faster, deliver the right message to the right consumer at the right time on the right digital channel, and create campaigns that deliver engagement and ROI. Essentially improve the 'Effectiveness' of campaigns.

The need was to create a Digital Marketing Platform that simplified this complex environment even as it promoted consumer-centricity, speed, and efficiency. Since marketing involves a continuous feedback loop between the enterprise and its consumers, we believed the platform needed to fulfill the challenges of Digital Marketing at those two levels and that's when this germ of an idea got transformed into a platform that could well redefine the future of Digital Marketing.

As Alfred Bernhard Nobel puts it "If I have a thousand ideas and only one turns out to be good, I am satisfied"....We believed that this was our "one good idea".

Well folks, that's the story of inception of the Digital Marketing Platform. Watch this space for my next blog to see how we transformed this germ of an idea from a mere "bullet point" into a game changer platform.

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