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Unveiling the Future of Digital Marketing - Infosys BrandEdge

Posted by Ajay Anand at 4:51 AM

Editor's Note: This blog by Ajay Anand is the third feature of the blog series in our By Invitation segment.

The Future has arrived!


Please join me as I take immense pleasure and pride in presenting Infosys BrandEdge - the first comprehensive Cloud-based platform that Simplifies Digital Marketing.

Yesterday at 10.00 PM, India time, Infosys unveiled two marvels to the business community - Infosys BrandEdge and our state-of-the-art Infosys Experience center in London. It couldn't have been a better pairing as both are designed with a vision into the future of business, technology and innovation. The first-of-its kind platform - Infosys BrandEdge - has been very well received by the industry practitioners and we have already received some great reviews by the experts.

Let me pick up the threads from my last blog and share with you the promise of Infosys BrandEdge with you - as we are doing today with the entire business world.

Our key promise to marketers and other users of this solution is that we will deliver a business solution to their business problems and be measured and paid based on business outcomes. We cannot make this promise if our offering was only about technology and tools. Technology is just an enabler. We have packaged our Infosys BrandEdge IP with tools and partners enabling us to offer comprehensive solution. For example, we have partnered with Fabric - a WPP company - to jointly take this solution to market. This means that marketers get the best of technology and marketing skills in one solution. We have combined forces to offer a deep understanding of the processes, tools and technologies in the marketing domain and, powered by a world-class IP, are delivering a best-in-class solution. This unique approach to solving a business problem has been the key to our success and will be the key differentiator, as we have already seen in our 3 wins.

As I conclude this blog, I would like to say that Infosys BrandEdge delivers a differentiated solution for the client and a differentiated offering for Infosys.  This is truly "Innovation in action" on multiple fronts:
a) Solution Innovation - A standout turnkey solution for marketers: Infosys BrandEdge provides a solution that simplifies the challenges of Digital Marketing and takes care of marketing at both the enterprise and consumer levels
b) A Business Model innovation - A true winner for Infosys: The hosted cloud plus services based Infosys BrandEdge is a new type of offering from. Infosys BrandEdge has seen excellent resonance in the market and is creating unprecedented buzz in CSG community.
c) Innovation in our ability to acquire new customer segments - Our strategic partnerships fundamentally change our positioning in the market place. Infosys BrandEdge opens doors to enter niche marketing areas of large enterprises leading to large scale marketing transformation opportunities.
This is clearly a great way to accelerate the client's innovation agenda and catalyze our Infosys 3.0 journey.
This is definitely, the beginning of some really exciting times for Team BrandEdge and Infosys as we set about on delivering our promise to our clients.
Coming soon on InfyTV, are the videos that bring this wonderful story to life.
Also see the Infosys BrandEdge in action in this interesting video and to learn more about Infosys BrandEdge visit -
In case you have missed the earlier parts of the Infosys BrandEdge story, catch them here -
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The demo looks really promising & there is a good amount of demand for a product like this. I wonder how painless is it really in terms of integrating Google Analytics, Adserving, Yahoo campaign reports, Bluekai & Radian6
Also why exclusive with Fabric/WPP

Shantanu - Fabric brings in the marketing intelligence for Brand Edge. In layman terms, the consumer tracking is done in platform. The data is used by Fabric for targetting the campaign to right consumer. If you like BMW 3 series for example, how will BMW company know you like BMW car and love to buy it. Fabric will intimate BMW about this via our Platform.


Thier is a huge scope of such platform in Operations too like in marketing .For eg: a partnering with the company who Provide Purchasing solutions on rating vendors ,selecting vendors and many more.

This could be applicable to many more segments like marketing of a business.

LOOKING forward.

Good Luck and Congrats

We also need to push such solutions in SMB.

very informative article post. much thanks again

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