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Employee collaboration promotes excellence

Posted by Pramod S.N. at 5:37 AM

Research from the Gallup Organization shows that employees with at least one strong relationship at work feel more fulfilled and accomplish much more than those with none. Strong office relationships are hard to come by, however, and developing systems to promote them can create many pitfalls. Despite this, employee collaboration brings with it a berth of benefits, so it's worth implementing and nourishing.


First and foremost, it allows employees to complement each other's strengths and weaknesses. Collaborators spend more time working on things they are exceptional at, while delegating their inefficient tasks to others who have better-suited skill sets. Collaboration also allows for increased knowledge-sharing, ensuring that the swells of information coming in from customer communication, social media, and other sources are actually utilized, rather than sitting unused, gathering dust in a department silo.


There are challenges to implementing good collaboration, however. One of the largest issues that marketers run into is finding a place in the workflow to promote communication. Telling employees to collaborate is a good first step. If you don't provide the tools needed to easily exchange information and don't communicate the value of collaboration, however, employees are going to fall back into old work habits. If employees don't also share short-term goals or don't trust each other, their partnerships can quickly degenerate into animosity.


To ensure your employees collaborate well, team people with complementary strengths and a common mission. It's more important that they share a desired goal than having similar motives. Also, ensure that your employees trust each other, communicate on a regular basis, and are unselfish. If they continuously second-guess each other's work and motives while collaborating, they'll never truly accomplish their full potential.


Efficient collaboration isn't the easiest thing to accomplish. If implemented well, however, it can be extremely helpful to your business. With some guidance and the right tools, your company can help your employees communicate more efficiently, share knowledge, and do their best work.

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