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Infographic: The Digital Enterprise Revolution

Posted by Vince Cavasin at 4:14 PM

Have you seen our Digital Revolution infographic? It first appeared on the cover of volume 2 of our management consulting practice's journal, Art & Science, which is well worth checking out online if you are interested in things digital (full disclosure: I edited this issue and if you called this shameless self-promotion I would not protest:^). Here it is:


The immediate implications of these stats are obvious: marketers and sellers better be thinking about mobility, sociality, the cloud, big data, online commerce. But there are a lot of subtler points buried in these and other digital trends. In my next post I'll delve into some of these subtler implications; in the meantime, what digital trends are most important to your business? Please share.


Neat infographic. It's interesting how, in the past four years alone, online retail has increased so dramatically and so many people access the "world wide web" via mobile phones and other gadgets! Those 31% of businesses need to catch up to the times!

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