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Business Platform Benefits : Part 1

Business platforms should ideally be viewed as a logical extension of Customer’s enterprise. Although the unique delivery methodology would have customer’s business processes to be executed outside of its enterprise boundaries. This delivery methodology also ensures shift from a capex to a opex based operating model. There is also increased management focus on strategic initiatives, as transaction management of  the business process is now being executed on business platform and the responsibility of processes, application management and hardware provisioning has been transferred.

To underline the benefits of Business Platform I will keep the focus limited to technology and exclude benefits arising from business process maturity delivered via platform solutions. The first and foremost benefit which a business platform delivers is the responsiveness to a customer’s business needs. The business platforms today are in a position to quickly respond to business needs by provisioning computing resources across application and hardware layers according to the requirement of the customer. This benefit is arising from underlying architecture which ensures that business rules layer is separated from computing infrastructure layer. This advantage coupled with say a "pay as you use" pricing model will deliver a customized offering to the customer who can have the computing infrastructure scaled up or down based on business needs.


The next benefit which comes to my mind is of reduced on-boarding time for any customer. The business platform comes with a pre-configured application layer and offers limited customization of business rules to suit specific requirements of a customer. The on-boarding time for the customer is thus primarily focused on minor customizations. This thus implies, should the customer decide to on-board on template implemented in business platform the benefit realization can start from day 1.


I will follow my views mentioned above on benefits realized from business platforms in my subsequent posts.

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