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'To Be' or 'Not to Be' in Business Platforms model

While in traditional lift and shift BPO, one of the key activities during any transition is to map the "As-is" processes and create the "To-be" process in an outsourced and/or off-shored model. The success of transition is largely driven by the level of detail in this activity. A Business Platforms based outsourced model presents a different scenario altogether. Here, the delivered functionality within the platform application is largely pre-defined. The "customized" component is a minor element in comparison to the delivered functionality.


What we therefore have is, essentially a "To-be" process which is mapped to the client business context. The "As-is" process has little or no relevance in a platform on-boarding model. What however assumes significance in a platform on-boarding is the change management at the Customer and Service Provider's ends. In a lift and shift transition, change management is more around communication, internal and external, employee strategy and risk management. In a Business Platforms on-boarding model, the change management is at the level of detail of the process or function transition as the 'To be' entity is an entirely new one for both parties.

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