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Wishlist offers-unicorn of digital marketing


You must have experiences of failed personalization. You search for a hotel in Boston and personalization engines take a note of it. After few days you book the hotel or cancel your Boston trip. Even after your need for a Boston hotel is over you continue to see ads of Boston hotels which do not make any sense. It is a case of bad customer experience and wastage of advertisement dollars. With the advancement of machine learning and predictive analytics we are definitely seeing much better targeting of ads. But still it is a guess and won't be 100% effective all the time.

Why don't we think of something much low tech but probably much more effective in matchmaking? It is similar to the story of an ultra-high tech pen which can write in space vs. a simple low cost pencil. I am suggesting wishlist offers.


No one knows my present needs better than me-right? Then why don't you give me (buyer) a chance to share my need? Mobile platform providers (iOS or Android) can build a mobile app for sharing my preferences to the outside world (ecosystem of digital marketers) without disclosing my personal data (e.g. name, birth date etc.). I am looking for a trip to Barcelona-I add this plan to my wishlist and voila-hotels, airlines and tour operators know my need. They can show me targeted offers. And once I am done-I just remove my entry from the wishlist. No more ads for Barcelona!


I want to buy a specific Canon DSLR-again I add the details to my wishlist (including my target price range) and go to the supermarket. Stores know that a potential buyer is nearby interested in buying the camera and start pushing me targeted offers. I like one deal and buy the DSLR. Happy you; happy, happy me!



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