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Google App Engine - Where to start?

In my first blog Down pour or Drizzle to Enterprise?   I wrote how large enterprises can take a drizzle in the Cloud.

In this let us look one of the Cloud providers – Google App Engine (GAE).

Is Google App Engine ready for the Enterprise?

Where enterprises can start the adoption?

Google App Engine was launched in Apr. 2008. New Biz start-up and Small & Medium enterprises were the early adopters.

The initial version had only support for Python programming with Non relational database support.
Recently Java support has been added and this can accelerate the enterprise adoption.

The question now, where enterprises can start taking a drizzle in the GAE cloud?

  1. Lite weight applications which involves enterprise customer/consumer participation.
    One good example is Giftag a Web 2.0 gift registry sharing application by Best Buy, Consumer electronics retailer.
  2. Applications which mainly involves Mash-ups and Aggregations (programmable web kind of stuff) and also, requires millions of users scaling in quick time.
    BuddyPoke a start-up was able to provide 3-D avatar creation environment which can be used in social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace.
  3. Application which would have limited shelf life with higher scalability need with consumer participation (e.g. a social marketing campaign application around Christmas event)

Applications which are more Intranet & B2B in nature with higher data, transaction and security management needs are not suitable as on now.

Is your enterprise using Google App Engine to any of the above scenarios?


Lakshman, Some more to add to your list

However in terms of light weight apps such as those you've described above, which are very relevant scenarios today. A challenge I see is in managing and governing the usage of such apps in the enterprise.

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