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Practicing Agile Software Development on the Windows® Azure™ Platform

Over the years, several software development methodologies have evolved to help the IT industry cope with rapidly evolving business requirements. One such methodology is Agile... -an iterative approach to software development. Similarly rapid strides on the technology front are resulting in paradigm shifts towards software development and how IT delivers its services to business. Technologies in the form of virtualization and cloud are offering low entry barriers by making software and hardware infrastructure easily accessible and thus reduce the time to market. These are encouraging signs that help reduce the gap between business and IT. 

To articulate this view further we have written a paper thats highlight the effectiveness of Agile practices in unison with cloud based technologies to accelerate software development. This has been explained by applying Agile practices to develop cloud applications and solutions in the context of a real cloud platform. Considering the developer friendly nature of PaaS delivery models, we have opted to apply Agile practices on Windows Azure based cloud applications, as we believe the model stands to present maximum benefits to Agile teams.  A read for architects and managers who are looking for ways to accelerate their existing software development practices. Please view the full paper here



Thanks for sharing the details and explanations..I want more information from your side..

Thanks for sharing the details and explanations..I want more information from your side

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