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99 days to go

99 days to go for London Olympics and I am wondering how is London Olympics leveraging cloud. I started my research by searching Google "London Olympics cloud" and I get this fascinating picture at

The website talks about the "The Cloud" in the following words

"The Cloud addresses our twin attention spans of the short-term desire for information and stimulation, and our growing longer-term consciousness about our impact on the future, and our productive role within a larger harmonious ecology. It provides two resources - energy and data - harvesting both the natural ecosystem and humanity's complementary cyber-sphere, fusing the two"

Further search on "Cloud computing and Olympics" leads to site of Frontier Technologies and they are offering a cloud computing package for business as a business continuity measure. Very timely usage of cloud indeed. It is quoted at the site 

["It is essential that your organisation fully prepares for the event. There will be up to three hour delays on public transport, potential increased terrorist activity, criminal activity, public disorder and domestic extremism. On top of this there is a greater chance of non-malicious hazards such as pandemics and heat waves due to the huge influx of people in the country." Stated Paul Eskriett, Principal Security and Contingency Planning Advisor from The City of London Corporation in our meeting earlier this year.

... Frontier Olympic Cloud, a three month cloud computing package to ensure business productivity during the Olympic Games. ... they are delivered on demand to your employees from any location, from any internet connected device, using any type of internet connection... ]

Here is another article you should read, on why cloud computing will not be used in Olympics at techrepublic. It is said "When we did the analysis back in 2009 we were not ready to take that step... It's very interesting but it was too early for us.". Isn't this true for most of the enterprise, which have long decision cycles, and are locked in technology investments that are too soon to replace.

You should visit the websites to read more about it. I still feel Cloud should be the default way to manage large events. They are transient in nature. You need all the technology for a period of time and then no more. Cloud is also present via
1.Facebook and Twitter
     a. Analyzing what people are talking about Olympics could be useful news

2.Events updates, schedule, online reservation
     a. Event planner could be useful
     b. Finding where you can get meet your favorite athlete could be useful
     c. Building online reservation system on an elastic compute to manage the global  volume is clever

3.Maps and Directions
     a. Maximizing your season ticket could be useful
     b. Finding an emergency exit or medical facility when a situation arises can save lives
     c. Ensuring that the mobile network does not fail with large volume needs cloud

4.Finding friends in the Olympic stadium
     a. A solution using text phones could be useful
     b. Having a smart band on your daughters hand and ability to locate them on your phone is super useful

5.Finding Food
     a. When so many people are going to be around, they are going to hungry too

One thing is for sure, 100s of servers and several thousand enduser devices at the event, the local wireless network is going to be busy. Network bandwidth and wireless bandwidth is pre-requisite for any cloud play. 
This is just tip of the ice-berg. Do share your thoughts... Let the world benefit from your ideas.

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