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Will the inclusion of cloud-computing in Industries may decrease the job opportunities in future?

We know that cloud-computing apart from providing benefits like reliability, availability, scalability, etc, it was also shifts some of the responsibility (from the infrastructure point of view) to the cloud-computing providers.

Once application/service deployed to the cloud computing infrastructure:

·         Network administrators need not to worry about the load balancing, bandwidth balancing, etc

·         System administrators need not to worry about updating the machines/servers with latest security and other patches, etc.

So from the application owner's perspective, he/she needs not to put much effort and money in this types of administrative works rather devote more on the application feature enhancement.

Does that mean personals involved in such administrative works are going to lose their job opportunities?

Such a type of concern also evolved during the inclusion of software in industries. Many thought using software, quite a few processes will be automated which otherwise would have needed manual intervention. And with such kind of automation in countries like India where population is very high, might result into the higher unemployment.

But in reality what actually happened? The job opportunities that IT/software industries fetched are very high and not comparable to any previous opportunities. In-fact the unemployment was addressed to the maximum extent.

So basically with the advent of new technologies, and the subsequent automation, the job opportunities were never decreased but a new/different skill set for working in a new environment was demanded. Similarly need for the above said administrators/professionals will never extinct but they will need to acquire a new skill set to manage the new environment that the cloud-computing is providing.

Having said this and in support of this, please refer to this wonderful article depicting some good data which will certainly bring delight especially to the Indian professionals. So cheer up and happy clouding....


Nice article. It presents both sides of the coin one on organizations reducing their man power and reducing the cost and another on how IT providers can benefit from the revolution in cloud computing.

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