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Building a Trusted Cloud Ecosystem: Part-3

Utilities - "Do you ever wonder how and where the power is produced"? While the systems behind getting it to the end customer are complex, for the user, it is a simple flick of a switch to consume. We need to get the cloud services to the same level of maturity.

We also must recognize that the power does fail sometimes, even though it is rare. In some countries it more frequent than others. As users we learnt to adapt. We have generators as backup; we have UPS for continuity of power. We also carry flash light in emergency. 

Hybrid cloud architecture in a way is comparable to this. When you need bulk computing needs, public cloud is always cost effective. You will have private cloud to maintain critical operations. You will also have dedicated systems for lights on operations. Maturity is in how you consume cloud and reduce your overall risk. A well architected cloud consumption model can offer the same level of reliability which internal data center offer today.

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