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Building a Trusted Cloud Ecosystem: Part 1

One of the barriers of cloud adoption is the element of risk perceived by the consumers of cloud services. This can also be interpreted as lack of trust on cloud service providers (IAAS, PAAS or SAAS). Cloud consumers have expressed their concern in various area such as :
- Vendor lock in                                     
- Stability                                          
- Availability                                    
- Security                                                        
- Compliance                                                        
- Data related                                                                         
- Multi-tenancy                                                                                                    
- Business continuity
- Continuation of service
- Customization & controls 
- Manageability
- Contracts
-  SLAs
-  Integration
-  Standards
-  Migration
-  Support
-  Cost
-  And many more... 

While they understand the benefit of cloud, these concerns are genuine. As a community of cloud providers we have an opportunity to build a trusted ecosystem, which alleviates these fears. 

If we categorize these fears, it translates to three basic categories - Controllability, Visibility, and Reliability.

• Controllability covers fears around Predictable cost, Vendor lock in, Security. 

• Visibility covers fears around "Where is my data", Multi-tenancy (who else can access my data), "Am I being charged for what I am using".

• Reliability covers fears around Availability of system, SLAs, "Will the system be supported as long as I want", "Will my application work, cloud platform is upgraded", "Will a new technology, make my investment irrelevant" etc.

There are many IT managers, CIOs who feel that what is within four walls is controlled and safe. It is well known to all, who have experienced it, that these closed walls also have their share of risks as well.

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