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Information Management is changing with Big Data in the room

Big Data generated a big buzz in recent days and organizations are suddenly thinking of leveraging this as one the critical focus area for their enterprise wide overall Information Management strategy.

There is huge amount of data within an enterprise's trusted data systems, unstructured content and in public domain especially in social media. The biggest fact is that data, both individual as well as those in enterprises, is growing "Bigger and Bigger" and the old systems, software and tools are becoming or already are, redundant. Big Data as we call it now needs right set of technologies, products and solutions to - handle it, process it and get meaningful insights for the business. 

Our Traditional Data Warehouse solutions have reached near to the end of scalability and there is need for the Next Generation Information Management Strategy leveraging Big Data. With the power of distributed computing being unleashed with technologies like Hadoop, the limitations of these traditional data warehouse solutions are being looked at seriously.

As an information management practitioner for years and a solution architect who walks and talks Big Data these days, I see this as an opportunity. An opportunity to leverage the Cloud and bring all the data that into one single comprehensive strategy. 

Big Data as a capability changes the paradigm of information management completely. Extraction, Enrichment, Organization and Management of Semi, Unstructured and Multi-structured content and media is the immediate need and the Next Generation Data Warehouse solutions need to manage this ever growing unstructured content and enrich existing trusted data with information nuggets and unleash the potential of ad-hoc analytics.  

With the technologies like Hadoop taking center stage and the capabilities of distributed computing available easily, the wave has begun for the next generation of Information Management where we will see more of intelligent search and indexing, Machine learning and Natural Language Processing in action. 

The impact that it will have on Analytics is huge and what used to take hours can now take only a few minutes. With the elastic capability of Cloud and the accuracy and speed of Big Data constructs, decision makers will suddenly have actionable intelligence in a matter of seconds and minutes instead of hours and days. This has the potency to completely transform the way business plan their business growth in the future. 

Welcome to the new world of Information Management where the enterprises will define their leadership in the marketplace by the speed with which they  adapt their processes and systems to tap the power of Big Data and Analytics. Information Management has changed because Big Data has arrived!

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