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The business case for Cloud is in the opportunity for Transformation

The inevitability of the Cloud has led several enterprises to embark on their Cloud journey. However, in transforming their IT and data centers, enterprises seem to be pushing more of their IT onto private clouds than public. This trend essentially is driven by the value drawn out of IT investment maximization through the private cloud. Private clouds offer greater stability in terms of localized control, security and closer adherence standards. Additionally, private clouds make it easy for seamless cloud adoption and set the stage for setting up and managing a hybrid cloud ecosystem as the organization attains scale and is eventually prepared to make this transition. It is important to note that the private cloud is more often than not the first step in an enterprise's journey to Cloud adoption.  

So the business case for Cloud cannot be built on short-term gains of cost, but on long-term vision and opportunity of what the Cloud as a capability can deliver to the business. The value from Cloud is truly transformational in nature and an excellent example is in the case of our client Ricoh and what we are doing for them in Europe. Ricoh wanted essentially create an scalable, flexible and agile platform for themselves and wanted to rationalize their data centers across Europe while contributing to reducing carbon footprint and energy optimization. 

The Ricoh Private Cloud delivered by the project team comprising Ricoh's and Infosys' Cloud experts is a part of the company's move to centralize its IT infrastructure for all its operations across Europe, with the aim of creating a more efficient IT environment. It is a critical building block in enabling Ricoh employees and clients to access applications and data securely from wherever they are in Europe with any device. The project is another contributor to Ricoh's overall environmental strategy where by 2050 it plans to reduce energy consumption by 87.5%. It will remove more than 1000 servers across EMEA and will result in a reduction of 16.8k tonnes of Co2, the equivalent to emissions from 3350 cars. For our efforts we were awarded the Green IT award for this project.  

So while the truth is that we are helping Ricoh bring down the cost of infrastructure by almost 30%, the business impact of contributing to an environmental initiative makes the case of Cloud adoption more compelling in the case of Ricoh. Such is the way business cases of Cloud need to be built - be it for infrastructure, platform, applications or even data on the Cloud. 

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