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Entering the "As-A-Service Era"


All of us have seen various waves of technology that created huge buzz ranging from mainframes, client server architecture, PCs and now its cloud. With the lingering economic uncertainty, cloud is indeed a liberator for many. Working for the past 4 years in cloud computing makes me feel am living in the cloud world- "a world of diverse clouds".

The cloud has arrived with a bang and is here to stay. The future looks only in cloud. Enterprises are becoming "cloud active", progressing very rapidly from being reactive to proactive and have now begun the march to be innovative. The huge potential of cloud has emboldened organizations of all sizes to think out of the box to be the leaders in the race for innovation. In this blog, I would like to talk about the significant aspects that enterprises should consider before choosing a cloud service provider (CSP) for the cloud journey.

Cloud has been advancing rapidly in our lives making significant improvements. Cloud is being driven by the increased number of devices, users, consumption of -storage, network, compute and power. As the cloud adoption gains more and more momentum, we are also witnessing a sudden sprawl of CSPs. With multiple delicate intricacies that a cloud strategy needs to be worked upon, it becomes all the more critical to choose the right CSP. While we head towards an As-A-Service-Era, consumers too want everything-as-a-service. In this marathon of transforming everything into a service, enterprises are often caught in mayhem to plan their journey to cloud. Cloud is not virtualization. Virtualization is just the first step towards cloud, which is more about amalgamating people, process and technology. In its truest sense, cloud means user empowerment thru its features like on-demand scalability, automation, business agility and integrated dynamics.

Working with a CSP will certainly help enterprises to deal with a lot heavy-lifting tasks which are cost intensive. However, many CSPs just extend their services to a build a catalog of offerings but do not attempt in augmenting technologies to help enterprises derive business value. The cloud market is highly fragmented with numerous technologies and service providers. Finding the right CSP to vet and align business objectives can indeed be a daunting task. In order to benefit from all the cloud capabilities, enterprises need a CSP who can offer a single point of accountability for all their cloud needs and shields them from the burden of having to deal with the commercial, technical, and legal barriers that impede cloud adoption. 

The biggest hurdle for many organizations is to integrate their legacy infrastructure with cloud. Building an effective and efficient cloud strategy is more about carving a new cloud operating IT model which drives business process efficiency and transparency resulting in increased productivity. Some crucial factors that enterprises should consider for a CSP are technical expertise for executing your IT transformation from an "asset centric to a service centric" organization, security standards, audit options, Application Programming Interface standards and architecture, performance window dashboards and service level agreements.

Cloud is the perfect platform to reach beyond the sky. As we head towards "As-A-Service-Era", garnering a winning streak is only possible by working with the right cloud service integrators.


Very nicely formatted and documented about cloud. As you mentioned in the blog, many people including myself had a thought that its an extended hand of virtualization. But this is very good piece of information and also it makes every ITian makes to tranform/update themselves on upcoming "As-a-Service" era.


With customers wanting to decide and control what they consume,"-as-a-service" model is a nice fit. Orchestration- Automation and Virtualization is driving "as a service" model. Transparency in "pay as u consume" and lesser administration overhead will attract more and more customers. Nice article.

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