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Riding the Band Wagon for Enterprise APIs - the Technology Leadership Dilemma (Part 1)

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) assume a lot of significance in today's enterprise digital strategy. However, as businesses rush towards the API economy they often overlook certain subtle aspects that are key to success. In this 3 part series, we take a technology leadership view at the challenges that dare traditional businesses in their journey towards establishing their digital identity.

This part will talk about how APIs are shaping the IT landscape.

The pressures of time-to-market have been ever increasing. Traditional software development cycles measured in months are no longer the reality. The expectation from technology leadership now is to be able to deliver in a matter of weeks. 'Drive innovation and drive it fast' seems to be the mantra.

The API economy presents a unique opportunity to remain agile while driving revenue and innovation and businesses across the globe are quickly realizing it. The API economy has given birth to an entire generation of newbies whose business models revolve completely around their APIs and apps (think Twitter, Siri). Traditional businesses have also tried to catch up with the newer generation API-centric businesses in realizing new ways of customer engagement and new streams of revenue. The impact of the API economy has been such that it is now being compared to what internet was in the 90's.

As traditional businesses push their limits to ride the API bandwagon, it presents a fundamental challenge to the technology leadership of these organizations - How to deliver agility at the speeds expected for Enterprise APIs? The demands from business and pressures from industry peers have to be balanced against the ground realities.

In the next part we will take a look at how enterprise APIs differ from consumer APIs and why is it a bigger challenge for the traditional businesses to expose such APIs.

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