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Building Tomorrow's Digital Enterprise on Cloud - Part 2

In my last blog on Building Tomorrow's Digital Enterprise on Cloud we looked at enterprise cloud adoption trends and how the Digital transformation is influencing Cloud adoption models like PaaS. In this blog, we will look at how enterprises can leverage Cloud to reinvent themselves into a Digital enterprise.

We see enterprises that want to take on this Digital transformation challenge are evaluating and on-boarding new technology and business solutions leveraging Cloud, Mobility and social media. However, enterprises should be careful to avoid merely repackaging old capabilities in new technology solutions. Merely moving applications and not services (lack of service-orientation); Merely moving applications and not business capabilities that can be offered as a Service; Merely moving applications and not exposing API's that allows 3rd parties and partners to build innovative services to enhance consumer experience is like offering "Old wine in a new bottle" that no longer appeals to tomorrow's Gen-Y digital consumers.

To truly enhance customer experience, enterprises should focus on reinventing the business using Cloud services. They need to adopt business strategy that drives digital transformation by finding better ways of connecting with consumers and delivering business capabilities as services. This involves gathering relevant information on consumers digital lifestyle, building a platform based on the information, and hosting new applications and services on the platform. Further, enterprises need to make their application programming interfaces (APIs) accessible to partners who can help build innovative services around these. This enhances the customer's digital experience while fostering innovation through co-creation with partners.

Cloud can also offer digital enterprises a platform to pilot these new digital products & services without large initial investments. This is critical for innovation- a nimble, agile platform on cloud.

Externalizing business capabilities "as-a-service" in the form of APIs can deliver significant business benefits to enterprises, such as:

  • Lowering adoption barriers
  • Seamless adoption across digital channels - mobile, chat, social media, online forums, etc.
  • Consistent cross-channel consumer experience 
  • Best-of-breed ecosystem as part of an industry PaaS to offer enhanced services to the customers
  • Driving new revenue generation models
  • Enabling new customer acquisition through social linkages 
  • Increased brand awareness
  • Creating a thriving partner ecosystem that drives innovation

It is time for enterprises to re-invent and create their digital avatars on the cloud or they risk getting left behind in tomorrow's digital ecosystem.



I would want you to comment about how India will cope with increased traffic in data centers as a result of cloud computing adoption. Also if you could speak about IT services data centers and the unique challenges they face building them in India.


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