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Do I stop at Enterprise Agility?

In Today's world, with the increase in the competition and customer demands, CRM transformation is no longer a single heroic application or module. The increasing needs of having better customer experience through connected architecture have added layers of complexity with the solution spreading across systems/ technology or modules making it cumbersome to manage and maintain the enterprise architecture. Very recently, one of our customers asked - while you have the best solution for my CX woes, do you have anything which can help manage my delivery process? Do you have a packaged offering which solves my implementation as well as execution requirements?

Well, the fact is while the adoption of Salesforce is increasing at a phenomenal rate, organizations are progressively looking at enterprise agility as well as automated delivery features - Features / tools which can help them effectively, easily and methodically manage their end to end release processes. The purpose is somewhat served by available tools in the market some of which bring in ornate release management features.  

With this when I speak of a new addition to the family of Application Life Cycle management tools exclusively tailored for Salesforce does it sound exciting enough to turn your heads? The simple answer is 'NO' with a statement that when I have established tools in the market why go for something which is simple and novel? Ahh..Let me assure you that I am not speaking of a tool which just does Release Management or lets you stop at enterprise agility but a product suite which provides ammunitions to gamify and calibrate a Salesforce ecosystem

Infosys AgilePro is a smart development platform which helps take a step towards evolutionary architecture.

      With increased complexity of Salesforce eco- system spanning across modules, numerous integrations, huge volumes of data migration the ask is to have a solution which can foretell - 

·         What is the quality of my org

·         What is my TCO

·         What are the risks associated with my delivery

The answer to the above problems, AgilePro, a next-gen smart development platform leverages three key design principles - (1) action oriented user experience, (2) simplification of automated delivery and (3) actionable analytics for assessment of risk and quality. If this was not enough, the platform is also capable of numerous cool features like 

  • Predicting risk/ health of your Salesforce ecosystem,

  • Analyzing cost via TCO calculation

  • Assessing quality of your development

  • Gamifying Developer Experience

  • Enforcing Salesforce Best Practices

  • Project planning and managing delivery output

Well, all in one managed package!

While the list sounds overwhelming, the tool packed with modern concepts like Gamification, Chatbot etc. is an antidote for your enterprise agility and delivery headache. That's why we say, with Infosys AgilePro, when you have the power to automate your end to end delivery process, then why stop at release agility?

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