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Accelerate Digital Transformation with Service Management 'Beyond IT'

Service management is an organization capability to provide valuable services to their customers in a structured manner. It has long played a critical role in traditional areas such as IT business management and IT service management. The newer trend however is to extend this automation and seamless experience to newer areas such as HR, Finance, Project Portfolio Management (PPM), Security Operations, Customer Service Management, and others. Organizations are capitalizing on service management to deliver impactful user experience, similar to retail. This move towards an intuitive, personalized, and device agnostic experience boosts user satisfaction. It also optimizes manpower, delivers greater efficiencies, and enables organizations to access deeper insights from data.

Here's how some organizations have adopted service management beyond IT

A global fast-food chain enhanced business experience by leveraging mobility. To ensure their top 10 business critical apps were continuously monitored, they utilized a user-friendly mobile app. This enabled the management to view P1 and P2 alerts, act quickly, and stay on top of critical issues.

With a powerful service management solution, organizations can also automate their business applications. For instance, a leading provider of helicopter Services extended their Service management platform for fleet tracking, for better visibility of fleets leading to signification improvement in utilization of the aircrafts and for managing fleet operations by integrating with other operational systems to initiate event based alerts for the support team, thereby reducing downtime and revenue loss.

An automotive parts manufacturing major used orchestration to automate application and workstation deployments for end-user computing. This led to a 30% reduction in manual effort and close to 100% tracking and accuracy of orchestration workflows.

Delivering seamless customer service is becoming increasingly critical. To address this requirement, a telecom giant built a guided assurance portal. This reduced their systems from 9 to 1, improved agent experience, usability, and dropped average handling time by 20-25%.

In another instance, a large automotive manufacturer built a single platform as an enterprise software library to standardize software deployments across corporate offices and plants. This introduced uniformity, reduced license costs, enabled tracking on software use, and simplified management. 

Power your Enterprise Service Management beyond IT, with AI

As digital transformation progresses beyond automation, organizations have the opportunity to harness technologies such as Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI), IoT, and even Augmented Reality (AR) to drive service management and user experience. No longer do organizations have to deploy personnel to review thousands of tickets and direct them to the right department for resolution. With ML, self-learning algorithms can read, auto-categorize, and manage tickets with no time lag. This reduces human intervention, errors, and optimizes manpower utilization.

With AI, the algorithm can also alert on any uncommon increase in the volume of tickets to the next level of decision-makers for them to find the cause for it and take necessary corrective action. Chat bots ensure 24/7 availability of service with no human intervention.

Best Practices to Deploy Service Management Beyond IT

Go for the small wins- It is a great way to ensure success with a small investment while making a strong case for bigger budgetary allocations and adoption of comprehensive tools.

2.      Prioritize- Prioritize based on the business value delivered, usually customers prefer to prioritize the ones which directly impacts the user experience

3.      Ensure you have employees support - This enables rapid adoption of automation and ensures openness to new roles post automation.

4.      Adopt an integrated self-service portal - This ensures 24/7 access to information and improved user-experience

5.      Find the right solutions partner- Since service management adoption is a gradual process and may span many months, having the right partner willing to journey you through the process can be a critical success factor

IT Service Management in a New Power-packed Plug and Play Avatar

Until recently, organizations seeking to adopt a service management solution beyond IT had to build them from the ground up at considerable cost. Today, feature rich solutions are available in ready-to-be deployed modules and as power-packed plug and play apps. A case in point is the Infosys Enterprise Service Management (ESM) Café, an accelerator built on top of ServiceNow. This solution enables organizations to access a host of pre-configured process templates and out-of-the-box service management modules that can be quickly deployed. As per our experience with clients, enterprises deploying ESM beyond IT have experienced as much as a 40-50% reduction in implementation timelines. Users have also found a 50% reduction in upgrade timelines with out of the box configuration and automated testing. And 30-40% increase in user satisfaction with next generation UI and UX interfaces for service portals, guided trainings, and automation.

With digital becoming the norm, it is imperative for organizations to adopt an integrated approach to digital that is pervasive. To know more about how service management can make a difference to your organization, visit

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