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Data streaming and MDM

Data streaming, so what does this mean? What does MDM means for data stream? Good question read on.

Data stream is an entirely new concept, which effectively means do not query onto a consolidated data set, but stream the data through a set of query to obtain the result. Too complicated to comprehend. Let me explain this through a diagram.                                                                 data streaming 
Good. An image typically describes this better than 1000 words. So where can this be applied? Well in Master data management, most of us would have heard about a concept called Identity resolution (please refer to my previous blog for additional details). It means effectively identifying positively relationship between two individual based on who you know? and whom your relationship (network) know through direct or indirect interactions? There are specific tools in the market which does this especially to perform risk profiling, calculating risk delinquency etc.

So where does, MDM fits in? Master data management implemented in a transactional style of implementation may have to pass the data stream at real time for providing the business insights. This could be based on the domain the implementation is done. In case this is for a health care provider it may be to quickly collate whether a prenatal baby is subjected to higher risk incidence of a particular type of disease or not.

How is this implemented? Well a prenatal baby that is tagged into the emergency ICU will have probes that captures various vital signs at real time and pass this data to a correlation engine where the disease and risk incidences are profiled and reported. This effectively means lower effective work load on doctors and helps to detect medical conditions in advance to that of an experienced nurse. The advantage of data stream on top of MDM systems are

  • obtain real time insights from data in motion
  • sufficient level of nimbleness in decision making 
  • support for mission critical applications

The opportunities are unlimited and the possibilities are constrained by our limitations to imagine. So the aim of this blog is to identify possible business scenario, to collaborate and develop this solution?

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