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Desk.Com- Service Cloud for SMBs

On Jan 31st Salesforce unveiled its customer service application for small & medium business enterprises.
It is called Desk.com & is based on Salesforce's acquisition of Assistly.
Desk.com is a cloud based offering for SMBs to support their customers.

Key Features -

  • Build with keeping the Salesforce Social theme in the core, Desk.com allows the companies to support their customers over the major social channels like Facebook & twitter.
  • Integration with Facebook & Twitter is the standard feature of the product and it takes few clicks to link organization's FB & Twitter accounts with Desk.com.
  • Any or all the Tweets & FB posts on the linked accounts can be created & tracked as cases in Desk.com.
  • Desk.com also supports all the traditional customer support channels like Phone, Chat & Email.
  • Organizations can create a knowledge bank which can be made available to customers via their websites. This knowledge bank can act as the 1st step for the customers to resolve their issues.

Salesforce has also launched Desk.com for Mobile platforms. Desk.com for mobile is a HTML5 based application which supports all the major mobile platforms. Agents can respond to the customer while on move. All the major case management functionalities like sending responses, changing case priority, escalating the case etc. are available via Desk.com Mobile.

Pricing - 1st user license is completely free, create your account & start using it. After that it's US$ 49 per agent per month for unlimited usage. For part time support agents there is a flexible pricing option available which is US$ 1 per hour per user.

In this fast changing digital world where people spend a huge chunk of their time on internet nobody can ignore or deny the power of Social media.
But if Salesforce is targeting SMB's for this product then I am not sure how much the social part can be utilized by these organizations. Social interactions require a dedicated team to respond to Social media and if the responses are not handled by the experts then it can boomerang on the company and can have lasting negative impacts.

SMBs generally have very small customer service teams and they would like to respond to the actual customers/prospects rather than people posting random thoughts and queries on social media websites.
So I believe initially Desk.com will primarily be used for its traditional channel support & when the company grows in size and has enough support staff then they can start using the Social part of Desk.com.


Reference -http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gFEbcDojo1A&feature=related

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