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Dreamforce 2012 - Ideas Unlimited

Industry's largest vendor lead technology conference kicked off with 1 message, 2 brand new products and a never ending list of ideas

Message: Business is Social

Social Revolution.jpg

Mark kicked off the event by presenting several statistics about how social revolution is impacting today's businesses and how salesforce.com through its innovative products is built to take advantage of this revolution
Social Revolution as we have seen in the past is a result of interactions that was enabled among st interested parties around common interest areas, The question that is being persistently asked is how can organizations embrace this culture of social interactions and benefit from the same.

Salesforce.com's response to this is to have an environment where we have Connected Partners, Connected Customers , Connected  Employees & Connected  Products. 

Connect with Customers.jpgThe series of presentations that followed demonstrated the means and approaches organizations can adopt using the products from Salesforce.com to embrace this social revolution within their organizations

I. Marketing Cloud- Salesforce.com's newly introduced marketing application,

Allows users to
 Manage Brand presence across Social channels (YouTube, Twitter, Websites, FB, Smart Phones etc.,)
 Measure Activity & Engagement
 Optimize and Target Social Advertising,

II.Work.com: Salesforce.com's social performance management solution,

Work.com helps organizations to align, motivate and drive great performance amongst their employees
Note: What used to be Rypple.com  6 months back is being rechristened as Work.com

III. Salesforce.com Platform

Along with Force.com, Chatter is increasingly being used as the go to platform for customers of Salesforce.com
A couple of Salesforce.com's customers displayed how they have weaved together the functionality of Chatter and their custom applications built on the Chatter platform resulting in a completely customized application,This new application is being used by employees,partners & customers in which all of their information is seamlessly integrated.


IV. Sales Cloud Innovations:
Salesforce Touch : Ability to run salesforce.com on Tablets & Smart phones for the users on the go,
Connected Partners: Ability to create Chatter communities for Partners
Social Key: Data.com can be used to import identities of your customers and their social profiles into the CRM application using these social keys,

V. Service Cloud Innovations
Federated search functionality - Sunlight Search : Allows users to search legacy files systems, repositories, archived files in Knowledge basis, Share-point all of this without leaving salesforce.com,
Desk.com: Service cloud for small businesses within built in capability to escalate cases to parent organizations for faster resolution
Customer Self service: Chatter Communities for service where customers will be able to collaborate, ask questions amongst themselves, discuss  workarounds, etc., Employees too get involved if needed, Questions asked in these forums gets responded by the power of  crowd sourcing.

The event came to close with an interesting key notes from Richard Branson (CEO, Virgin Group) on his "Journey with Virgin", Jeff Immelt (CEO, GE) & General Colin Powell on "Leadership" ,Dr.Larry Brilliant on "End of Pandemics" & Dr.Dean Ornish on "The Power of Lifestyle Changes & Love"

Content & Images: Courtesy Salesforce.com


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