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Open UI - Will it be a game changer for Siebel? Part 2

By Alpesh Narendra Chauhan

Lead Consultant, Oracle Practice, Manufacturing Unit, Infosys

In Part 1 of this blog series, I have mentioned limitations of current Siebel client and latest developments in Open UI. In this part, I have listed down the key Open UI features, which makes it a better CRM solution.

Will it be a Game Changer?

With Open UI, Siebel is trying to deliver more intuitive UI. Key features or capabilities which make Open UI an interesting proposition are:
 Browser Independent: More efficient and intuitive user experience on any browser. No plugins are required.
 Device Independent:  It is supported across desktops, tablets and smart phones devices. It provides Rich Internet Application (RIA) look and ability to do quick navigation(less number of clicks).
 Partial refresh feature: It supports use over low‐bandwidth connections because of partial refresh feature and it can be run on modern wired or wireless networks.
 Migration with minimal effort: Siebel Open UI supports the existing repository file and allows the migration to Open UI without any change in the already developed content. It means Lower cost of development and lower total cost of ownership.
 No development will be required for existing customer to migrate to Siebel Open UI. It is Easy to deploy, integrate and update out of the box functionalities.
 Legacy modes (Standard and High interactivity mode) and Open UI mode can co-exist.
 Works on connected mode: It provides mobile solution for mobile sales force or field service representatives to access data in real time in connected mode.
 Disconnected Mode: Development of disconnected mode is in progress.  Open UI mobility is expected to support all functionalities in disconnected mode.
 Platform extensibility: It can be easily extended using standard based web technologies
 User Experience:  It provides better user experience by leveraging intuitive web controls.
 Real time data validation: It allows spell check, auto fill and data constraints capabilities. It reduces manual errors and ensures better data quality at the time of data entry itself.
 Device driven layout: Application user interface is adjusted automatically based on the mobile phone screen shape and size.
 Portal and Siebel enterprise integration: It is easy to embed Siebel in web portals or embed other portal pages in the Siebel views.

Open UI has various features which makes it a very compelling proposition for the customers. To move on to Siebel Open UI, Existing customers will have to upgrade to a release (8.1 or 8.2) which is compatible to Open UI and implement Siebel Innovation Pack 2012.

Only time will tell if Open UI is a game changer for Siebel, but it definitely seems to be a promising product innovation at this point of time. Open UI has already created lots of buzz in the CRM customers. I am expecting that many existing Siebel CRM customers will migrate to Siebel Open UI.

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