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Changing Perspective of Larger Companies towards their IT Partners - Part 1

By Pavan Nagaraj Dixit, Consultant and

Sachin Bhat, Technology Architect, Energy, Utilities, Communications and Services Unit

Information Technology (IT) forms a major part of the core strategic investments for all the growth oriented institutions in this ultra-modern era of accelerated growth and dynamic decision making, more so for companies banking on innovation and agility for their fast-tracked development and success. Smaller organizations with double digit growth can rely upon their unique offerings, higher productivity or niche area(s) of expertise to take liberty and keep pure innovation on the back seat until competition catches up with them and forces them to dedicate good percentage of their revenue towards innovation. These smaller organizations utilize this time period to mop up sizeable amount of cash surplus or achieve desired level of size to grab maximum attention of their prospective and current customers.

Larger organizations which have crossed all these hurdles and established themselves in fierce completion have a tougher path en route sustained growth. They have to invest heavily on innovation in product/service offerings, business processes, system processes, customer management and all other major and minor processes that are well established having led to the organization's success till that time. Any delay or failure in innovation will lead to premature demise of the organization courtesy, the cut throat competition with ever increasing alternatives to the end customer. 

In the wake of such intense competition, larger organizations look for avenues to innovate in every possible opportunity and drive their employees, management, vendors, business partners, channel partners and other stake holders towards innovation in their respective areas. Since IT is a growth accelerator, larger organizations have highest priority assigned to innovation in IT. Routine delivery excellence, cost reduction, productivity benefits and 'Take orders and deliver' approach are now expected out of any IT vendor by default. Any company proposing value addition only through these so called default benefits will be referred to as 'IT Vendor' where as larger organizations are looking for IT vendors who can showcase benefits which are larger in scope, wider in thinking and bolder in approach with clear articulation of value in measurable terms. These organizations are referred to as 'IT Partners' and these are the ones who will fetch higher remunerations, larger projects and greater respect from the market. IT companies have to continuously revisit their approach towards partnering with clients and bringing in superior thought process to cater to the knowledge and innovation needs of the market. These companies have to transform themselves into "Thought Partners".

Read Part 2 to find more details about the points that are sure to find a place in any modern proposal request for 'Thought Partners'.

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