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Fusion Customer hub - trend setter for innovation

The term "Fusion" means combining together diverse aspects and blending them into something simpler and easier to manage, maintain and comprehend etc. It is lot like Fusion music, where the classical Indian music is fused with the western style and you have perfect harmony, something that is easier to listen and out of the world for listening experience. 

Fusion customer hub is the step in the right direction. Fusion customer hub takes the best of breed Trading community architecture model - build for managing party entities including supplier, customers, prospects, employees - and combines it with the flexibility of the Oracle customer hub, including the data management concepts of survivorship, retention etc. The user interface is so pleasing to the eye and it makes day to day operation of a data stewards similar to browsing the website. The ubiquitous portal kind of look and feel is pleasing to the eye. The integrated report pane, the task based pane, search pane and the work area pane is lot easier for business user to work on. Lot of innovation features have been added i.e. it bring in the best of concept around pillars i.e. Supply chain management pillar for Product hub and Customer relationship management pillar for Customer hub. ​All components have been rewritten on Java technologies, so that extensibility is easier. The usage of extensibility framework that brings all the tools for configuration of process workflow, components and UI into one tier allows simplicity to the development community. There is only one Integrated Development Environment to learn and comprehend. There is only one learning path and it is nonproprietary and open source based e.g. Groovy, Web 2.0 structure, Java, J2EE etc.
The deployment strategy is on Premise or on-cloud based deployment and is lot simpler to comprehend if you are basically from the Application background i.e. based on the Oracle E-Business suite world. Most of the modular thinking remains and aligns to segregation of business concerns, so that it is possible to logically extend the thinking process.

Some of the features of Fusion Customer hub that will tend to awe the CRM users are

1)      Linking features - Client organization tends to have multi line of business and it may be required that their complex customer to have duplicate representations. The linking features allows each duplicate record to remain in the Customer hub, but these records could be linked together to give a common 360 degree view
2)      Customer data management features - The capabilities of loading data through list import makes it similar for the business to use the application
3)      Intuitive User interface - The fusion apps UI is very simple with search pane,  workflow pane, work area pane, reporting pane all providing the right information to the business users.
4)      Cross reference key management - Simplified cross reference key management.
5)      Best of breed data quality management using Oracle Enterprise data quality and Loqate as the address cleansing and standardization toolset.
6)      Best of breed data model using the Trading community architecture, with Interface tables and Oracle data integrator based studio and run time components to move data from staging tables to the base repositories.
7)      Integrated Functional setup manager for configuration and extension of the application

I happened to be involved in a major proposal where the Fusion customer hub was being evaluated to host the customer data centrally from varying legacy application and then pushed into a new business process harmonization application. The journey of undertaking the discovery of Fusion Customer hub is exciting and looking out to perform an in-depth review of the Fusion Customer hub application.


Jairaj, thanks for capturing the details so nicely. It is a good read to understand whats there in Fusion for MDM.

Thanks a lot Jairaj for intoducing everyone to the Fusion Customer Hub and its features in intuitive language.
Also it helped to know the Data Quality tools it integrate with.

Who owns the tables for the Customer Master?



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