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BYOD - It's not for all

By Alpesh Chauhan, CRM Lead Consultant, Oracle Practice, Manufacturing Unit, Infosys


In my previous blogs on BYOD (Part-1 & 2), I have covered topics like 'advantages of BYOD' & 'Implementation challenges of BYOD programs'. BYOD is gaining acceptance rapidly in various industries. But does that mean your organization should also go for it? Will BYOD be beneficial in your industry? Which mobile capabilities will help in faster adoption of BYOD?  I have tried to get answers for these questions in this blog.



Most likely candidates for BYOD adoption:

1. Not for all organizations:  Organization should not adopt BYOD program just because others are doing it. BYOD will be more useful to organizations in certain domains like:

  • Healthcare or Pharmaceutical Industry: Pharmaceutical sector has been early adopter in terms of using mobile devices. As per leading research firm, more than 70% of sales representatives are expected using iPad in North America by dec-2012.
  • High Technology Industrial Manufacturing (HTIM): Field service is a complex area for HTIM companies and they would prefer to empower their field service force with more mobile capabilities.
  • Financial Services (especially Insurance and retail banking): Mobile capabilities (like Customer / Quote / Opportunity / contacts/ previous visits/ products / service requests information) provided to the sales team, will provide 360 degree customer view. Field sales professionals will be able to access details on complex financial products, showcase financial models to the customer based on their requirements on the go.

IT services providers, Defense, telecom service providers or call center services providers are least likely to adopt BYOD.

2. Not for all type of corporates users: BYOD will not be beneficial to all corporate users, especially desktop workers in the organization. Field Service and Field Sales professionals are most likely to benefit from mobile capabilities through BYOD program. Though this might change once BYOD extends to PCs later.


3. Not for all sizes of organizations: No. of users will determine the financial viability of BYOD programs. Bigger is better when in terms of adapting to BYOD. For very small organization with less than 50 or 100 users, it will not be viable option.


 Key Mobile Capabilities for faster BYOD adoption:

1. Webmail Capabilities: Not all companies allow users to access their official emails outside company intranet over the internet.  Though few companies do provide secured access to company network through VPN. Companies not using blackberry services, will need to provide web mail capability if they are planning to go for BYOD policy.

2. Access to enterprise applications: User should be able to connect to their sales, service or other enterprise applications from their mobile devices. BYOD can't be implemented successfully until user can access key enterprise applications on their smart device.

3. Integration with Social Media: More organizations are requesting for their applications to be integrated with Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, yammer or Salesforce.com's Chatter. Social Media is being projected as tool for improving productivity.

4. Availability of key apps:  Relevant apps can be a very useful in execution of daily tasks. Affordability and availability of such aaps is driving smart phones usage and it is going to further increase over the period of time.


BYOD is not for all and it should be implemented only after detailed analysis. Organization should keep in mind availability and access to key capabilities on employee's smart devices for faster adoption of BYOD.

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