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Company Community: Arrival of Intranet Killer?

Have you ever tried to search, using company's intranet, about company's travel allowance policy or connect someone in company who understands a technology better than you and not in your direct network? How interactive and user centric you find your company's intranet? What if you need this information while you are on move? Chances are good that you would be required to search through multiple links, files and directories before hitting at required information. While traveling, even this search may not be feasible at all. As collaboration and mobility are gaining momentum, is this the time to take a look at your legacy intranet system?

As per press release on 30th May, 2013, Salesforce introduced a new product "Company Community", a product packaged as intranet, mobility and collaboration together. From available description in press release, it seems that this product would provide app, content & people access to employees, from any place and from any device. After reading the news, I could infer few things about Salesforce and its new offering:

1.    Salesforce is certainly moving from CRM product to collaboration-based products which would be available from  any place using any device
2.    This product would open up revenue opportunities for Salesforce as users would be not only from Sales and marketing department but from all other departments like Finance, Operations, HR, Legal etc.
3.    Company community seems to leverage existing features on Force.com like Sites, chatter, Knowledge, Security settings etc. to provide interactive app in real time
4.    There would be good possibility to integrate Work.com (SFDC performance measurement tool) to make it even richer

So, lot of interactive apps, availability on mobiles, content sharing, finding expert features etc. are some of the features which Salesforce would use to market its product. However whether this bundling of features would provide enough conviction to companies to switch from legacy intranet remains to be seen. As this product would be available in next few months (second half of 2013) and Salesforce has not revealed pricing information about this product, it would be little early to comment on its usefulness. I would open this discussion for readers with my view that if companies see this product as bundle of discreet services, then it may not work else it could be intranet killer.    



Well!. This will be good for the internal apps that does not need any data security.

Thanks Sivashankar. Force.com offers quite a robust security mechanism to control apps access and I am sure that these security features would also be available in this new product.

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