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The Siebel Roadmap

By Praveen Kadayinti

Senior Associate Consultant, Oracle Practice, Infosys

I was looking forward to the Oracle conducted session on "Siebel Spring Release and Roadmap" that was planned for July 1 2013. With Oracle's focus on Fusion, and the growing influence of cloud based CRM solutions, it would be interesting to see what the future held for Siebel CRM - which is a relatively costlier, on premise solution. The session surely did not disappoint Siebel enthusiasts, as at least from the owner Oracle side, it promised to continue support for Siebel CRM.

Currently the latest versions of Siebel are on versions / Oracle presented a roadmap till the end of this decade, with Siebel 8.3 scheduled for the fall of 2014 and Siebel 8.4 planned in 2017. Through continued innovations, it promises two patch releases every year, and has shown a schedule till 2019.

The session indicated that future innovations would be around social media, mobile and tablet applications. Innovations are planned in industries like Communications, Public Sector and Utilities. 

Some of the other improvements, which I can recollect are -

1. A tiled view of the data, in addition to the existing list and form views. This has been asked by customers, and can be customized from Siebel tools. The tile would provide key information, and give a "mobile-like" experience on the desktop. 

2. Integration of social media. For example, a customer complaint on a social media network is auto-converted to a Siebel SR. On resolution, a response is sent as an updated post to the social media.

3. Providing key service information and products information to field technicians and sales reps in offline mode. Thus, the field-staff can work productively even in remote areas where often there is no connectivity.
The focus will be on improved customer experience (through better usability, mobility and social interactions) business agility and industry innovations (through better analytics, self service capabilities etc).

As per the presentation, Siebel has over 5000 customers and millions of users worldwide. 87% of its customers are on the latest releases 8.1 and 8.2. Siebel counts RICOH, Toshiba, Fidelity, Walt Disney, Dalmer Chrysler, Citibank among its customers.

I have summarized what I currently remember from the session. It has been indicated that the support for Siebel will continue at least till 2020. And Oracle will continuously collaborate with customers to provide enhancements to the solution as desired. Thus, while the parent promises full support to the child, one will have to see how Siebel can hold on to its own in the face of increasing competition from cheaper cloud based solutions. Oracle itself has a range of CRM solutions lined up that include  Oracle eBusiness Suite CRM, Oracle Rightnow CX Service Cloud, Oracle CRM on Demand, Oracle Fusion CRM and PeopleSoft Enterprise CRM, in addition to Siebel CRM. So there is enough competition within the house also.

One advantage with Siebel is the large customer base. Listening to these customers and then incremental innovations based on the inputs will help retain these customers, but may not really help to get new customers. Due to the large number of CRM players in the market today, there would be someone offering a similar solution offering. Sometimes even a better solution at lower prices. One way to go forward for Siebel, may be focusing on part cloud - part on premise solution, and provide the benefits from each of them. A major benefit of Siebel CRM is the amount of customization it allows. A solution approach where part of the application that needs more security, customization and control is deployed on Q premise and the rest is put onto the cloud?

Finally as the CRM mantra says, only the customer will decide who will rule! Personally hoping that Siebel comes up on top!


Oracle Web Session on Siebel 2013 Spring Release and Roadmap


Hi Praveen

This is a very informative and well put blog. Must read for all the Siebel guys who missed that session are not clear about the future of Siebel. Thanks for writting this.

Cheers !

Well done! Indeed provides us some hope.

Hi Praveen,

Thanks for breifing the session. Happy to hear this.


Hi Praveen,
Very nice article and very well articulated. This article will surely help to boost the confidence of Siebel practioners.

Hi Praveen,

Thanks for a quick snapshot of the session, good to see that Oracle does have a game plan with Siebel till 2019, however it will be intresting to see how CRM space shapes up in coming years, with all focus shifting towards cloud based technologies, and moreover relevance of Siebel itself.

more than 10 years roadmap with no Major release this is a big ? to me, don't you see that Oracle is facing-Off Siebel and replacing it with new CRM, if not why we will not have Siebel 9 by next year !!!!!

What difference it will make if you give version number as 8.3 or 9.0? both will be major upgrades.

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