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iCXM - Enhance your internal customer experience through Siebel Open UI: Part-1

 By Alpesh Chauhan, CRM Lead Consultant, Oracle Practice, Manufacturing Unit, Infosys Ltd.

Internal Customers - Who are they?
Customer Experience Management (CXM/CEM) is a buzz word nowadays and enterprises are focusing on improving overall customer interactions to gain customer loyalty. But in this process, are they concentrating on what their internal customers need to deliver better customer experience?  If not, enterprises are not going to succeed in enhancing customer experience as their internal customers are not satisfied. So questions are: who internal customers are and why they matter?

As per definition - 'Internal customers are unit or resources within your enterprise, which utilizes your products or services". For example: employees are key internal customers in delivering customer service excellence.

iCXM - What is it?
Enterprises started focusing on CRM in mid 80s by stressing on improving processes engaging customers namely sales, service and marketing related processes. Key objectives of CRM were to enhance customer satisfaction and cost reduction of customer facing operations.

Now CRM is being substituted by CXM. As per Gartner, CXM is the practice of designing and reacting to customer interactions to meet or exceed customer expectations and thus increase customer satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy. Through CXM, enterprises are aiming to make each customer interaction positive. CXM provides proactive approach for managing customer expectations.

So what is iCXM? It stands for "Internal Customer Experience Management". It can be defined as "Process of empowering your internal customers through enhanced interaction competencies (with the end users) to deliver customer service excellence"ICXM-Journey.png

Objective of iCXM is to empower your internal customers to achieve CXM objectives. CXM is a journey which passes through iCXM.

Challenges for Internal Customers:
No organization can achieve CXM goals without empowering their internal customers. Key challenges faced by internal customers during end customer interactions are listed below:

ICXM - challenges.png

1. Enterprise mobility constraints:
Most of the enterprise applications (CRM or ERP applications) are not accessible on smart phones or tablets. Few of the applications work on specific handheld devices only. Consumerization of IT is compelling organizations to go for enterprise mobility but non-compatibility of enterprise applications on mobile devices and expensive upgrade costs are creating road blocks in enterprise mobility implementation.

Especially for field workforce, Non-availability of enterprise applications, while on the move, is preventing them from accessing required information to respond to service the customer faster.

2. Information overload but absence of Holistic view of customer:  
Enterprises are already capturing enormous information through various channels and they actually have problem of plenty and they are finding it difficult to utilize these fragmented information. In absence of data consolidation or unified view, internal customers are not able to access valuable information like customer preferences, trends, history or other behavioral insights. This information can play important role in customizing deals or it can also provide insights on upsell or cross sell opportunities in real time during customer interactions.

Enterprises need to define data strategy and develop applications which can provide holistic view of customer data.

3. Unavailability of required data at time of customer interaction:
Right data at the right time is a key enabler for the high performance of internal customer. Unavailability of required data is hampering internal customers from providing optimize solutions to end customers at first attempt, which eventually leads to customer dissatisfaction.

I will cover key drivers for iCXM implementation and how Siebel Open UI can address issues faced by internal customers in part-2 of this blog.


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