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Managing customer satisfaction and generating additional revenue using professional networking sites

Managing and retaining customers is one of the important KPIs for marketing and strategy people at service provider organizations like telcos. With large number of players in the market and meager variation between the services provided by different service providers, it has become essential to keep an eye on customer retention and also thrive to acquire new customers. Evolving and Innovating with time is the way to differentiate one's offerings from competitors. In this post, I will explicate how e-Billing integration with professional networking sites can help service providers evolve, innovate and beat competition by managing customer satisfaction, acquiring new customers and generating additional revenue.

Social media and networking is the buzzword these days. Apart from typical social media platforms like Facebook, there are number of professional communities/blogs on the web wherein like-minded people share their thoughts and discuss. LinkedIn and Twitter are two such destinations. Can these professional networking sites help service providers maintain customer satisfaction, keep their customers happy and at the same time win new customers?

e-Billing integration with these professional networking sites and Voice over internet protocol (VOIP) services available as VAS (Value added service) by telcos can help benefit customers in more than one way. With people willing to share contacts with others over the networking sites and people preferring to call directly via internet through VOIP, e-Billing integration may come to benefit customers and also help the telco differentiate their offerings. People may wish to purchase such services and call directly via internet. So this integration may also help telcos achieve additional revenues. Thinking on these lines, e-Billing solutions may also prove beneficial in communication oriented social networking sites like Skype, Viber where one can buy credit and make calls all over the world. blog 3_small.png
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Telcos can also promote their products and offerings on these professional networking pages like providing Closed User Group (CUG) packages for members of some online community/group.

Telcos can also make use of these professional networking pages like LinkedIn and Twitter to keep their customers informed of the upcoming offers, discount rates not applicable on some days and also about network outages (if any). With e-Billing integrated, customers would also be able to 'View, Analyze and Pay Bills' directly through these professional networking sites. With Single Sign On (SSO) feature available, there wouldn't be any need to login separately. Telco customer service representative (CSR) can be made available on these pages to resolve customer issues on the spot and avoid calls to Call Centre. 

Thus with these benefits, e-billing integration will make it easier for the Service Providers to manage customer satisfaction, acquire new customers and promote cross-selling.


Hi Everybody,

Well,this article lights on options to optimize client /customer base of Telcos - Nice.

Introspective analysis & subjective choosing to reach the objective,may help the Telcos[Telephone & Internet Service Providers ] Organizations to enhance & excel further.

Hi Venkatesapalani, Thanks for your comment. I agree that introspective analysis and subjective choosing are crucial to reaching objectives. One Organization's objectives may be aligned to one networking site and contrary to other. In this case, selective choosing becomes very much necessary for effective and efficient collaboration to reach objective.

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