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Salesforce.com: Achieve New Levels of Performance through Performance Edition

Over the past five years, there has been a paradigm shift observed in the way companies approach and connect to their customers, employees, products and other stakeholders. As we dwell more into it, we can observe a massive adoption and usage of collaboration through mobile devices, social networks and cloud computing, across the industries and throughout the globe. This adoption has changed the rules of game that have imbibed change in customers' expectations and the ways to cater these expectations. Customers are demanding real time, mobile and transformational ways to achieve holistic success in both sales and service domain.

Being an avid follower of Salesforce.com updates and releases, I have yet another time observed and can appreciate their foresee and proactive approach of understanding and catering to these changing customer expectations. Last year during Dreamforce-12 (Salesforce annual user and developer conference), Salesforce had indicated that they would be integrating its various services. As a course of this vision we had Sales Performance Accelerator that integrated Sales cloud with data.com and work.com.Salesforce, on basis of its high performing customers best practices, has now created Performance edition, which is more superior to their flagship Unlimited edition. Let's try to understand what additional capabilities are being offered through Salesforce Performance Edition.In its performance edition, Salesforce has belted various platforms. It has pulled together its flagship Sales Cloud, Service Cloud and SFDC platform with Data.com (B2B database), Work.com (Sales Performance management application) and identity service*. So what's in it for customer?

If we further analyze this offering we see that, it has made possible to connect various apps through a single authentication platform. This would prove to be a very prolific offering for the customers who were till date tackling through complex integration algorithms for collaborating with various apps. In addition to it, Performance edition is tying up all the capabilities that a company needs to enhance performance and make them customer centric company.The Performance edition would be available from November 4th at price tag of $300/user/month**. The offering though looks very promising, but the premium pricing and user feedback is what would decide the course of its success.

I invite your views and feedback on the Performance Edition so we can utilize this edition to best of its merit.

*- salesforce-ties-together-different-platforms-with-new-performance-edition
**- new-salesforce-performance-edition-.html

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