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Step in right direction - Oracle CRM on Demand Release 29

 By Alpesh Chauhan, CRM Lead Consultant, Oracle Practice, Manufacturing Unit, Infosys

Recently one of my client's Oracle CRM on demand application environment was upgraded to Release -29. I was eager to check the new features which were introduced as part of this release. Oracle has been working lately in enhancing user interface and making it more intuitive like other CRM on Demand application like Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Salesforce.com.  Following are few features that stands out:







Enable Alerts as a Pop-up

Allows alert to optionally display as a pop-up window when the user first logs into OCOD application.

Additional Feature

Key Warnings / Planned Maintenance or Severity issue can be displayed on login, so that user don't miss watching important alert.


New Record Layouts

Ability to define layouts for creating new records.

User Interface

It provides option to display bare minimum fields at the time of record creation to the user and not bombard him with too many fields.


Set Themes Based on Hardware

Define a specific theme to be displayed when a touch device is detected by Oracle CRM On Demand. Themes can be applied at the company, role, or user level.

User Interface

It will certainly improve user experience


Uploading Custom Icons


Ability to upload custom icons that can be applied to record types

User Interface

It will allow to use custom icons for record types to align with your company's brand experience.


HTML Tooltips for Fields and Buttons

Ability to configure tooltips formatted using HTML.

But Interactive HTML controls, including hyperlinks, are still not supported in HTML tooltips.

User Interface

Tooltip display useful text when customer hover over field or button. HTML based tooltip will have better UI than plain text tooltip.

Total Length increase from 250 to 1500 characters will allow longer text in tooltip.


Enhanced Keyword Search

Enhanced keyword search can match records with the exact search string that is entered, regardless of the string's sequence. The search can match records that are based on the linguistic root of words as well as match words that are spelled similarly.

Additional Feature

Useful search capability especially when user is not sure of exact string to search


Mass Update More Than 50 Records at a Time

Ability to mass update on a group of records for record types that support the mass update feature, for up to 100 selected records at a time.

Additional Feature

Mass update of records at a time has been increased from 50 to 100 records now.

Oracle CRM on Demand has lots of ground to cover compare to other leading CRM on demand players. Looks like this is one step forward in the right direction.

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