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Customer Experience - The Journey To A Great CX

"Journey, after all, neither begins in the instant we set out, nor ends when we have reached our door step once again. It starts much earlier and is really never over" - Ryszard Kapuściński


Nothing can be truer for defining Customer Experience too! Customer Experience is a journey that a customer has with the company. Each interaction contributes to the experience and the overall experience is a sum of all interactions across the complete journey that a customer makes with your company.  Having said that, in my interactions with various client, I often notice that they are still organized by functional domains and hence constrained by these boundaries when thinking of customer experiences. Each function measures their own SLA's and there are inter-departmental SLA's for various process completion. Let's understand the customer's - I recently received a mail for a credit card from a leading bank. I like what I saw and went ahead and registered for the credit card. Later, I received a call for onboarding wherein the customer care representative tried to upsell more products, for which I said No! So far so good...but then I continued getting mails every day from the same bank for the same card and this kept on till I finally unsubscribed and blocked them for spamming my mailbox! Now let's understand this whole journey

 There is a clear disconnect between the Sales/Service & Marketing Process. They are unable to differentiate a customer vs a prospect. I have already bought your product so why send me the same mails again and again? Imagine what happens to the marketing KPI? Your overall lead conversion/customer response takes a big hit. So how do you correctly measure how your marketing process is performing?

·         I am happy with the product and service but extremely unhappy with the overall experience. 

So what went wrong? This is a classic silo'ed process and a tunneled vision view of the overall Customer Experience journey. Each department has it's own KPIs and they are happy as long as it is met. No one is thinking of the End-To-End Journey of the customer with the bank. The Bank is just one example that I experience in my day to day life. In my interactions with multiple customers, I always see this problem. Sales, Service, Finance, and Marketing etc. are separate domains, led by separate teams and they run independent projects. The priorities are different for different teams, throw in organization politics and you have projects that don't necessarily focus on enhancing overall customer experience. So what needs to change?

·      We need to stop thinking of Customer Experience as a single moment of truth at one touch-point. We need to start thinking of the overall experience of the customer as a function of the overall journey of the customer across all touch-points and through the lifecycle of the customer

·        Establish a CX Governance team with core focus on improving customer experience and ensure that the CX sponsorship is driven from the top

·         Start taking an Outside-In view of the projects and evaluate every project with a simple question - how will this help improve the Customer Experience?

·         Stop worrying about the current value of customer and start thinking about overall Customer Life Time Value. Combine CLV with NPS to identify your most valuable customers and take feedback from these customers and focus on improving the overall CX

·         Last but not the least - measure your KPI's for the End-To-End Journey. What value is a sales SLA of 3 days, if your customer onboarding time is 5 days and your competitors can onboard in 2 days!

These are some very high level points that should help you better understand Customer Experience. If you are interested in evaluating your current CX Maturity and defining a roadmap for your CX journey, then please write to me at ashish_nijhawan@infosys.com



Nice Analogy and a good crisp read

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