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Design for Predictable Outcomes...

Despite our best efforts as Salesforce Architects, Salesforce architectures always tend to become more complex over time. As the complexity of the ecosystem increases, parts of the applications become more inflexible to change over time. In general, the changes in Salesforce are driven by both Business requirements or scoped requirements based on a pre-defined road map, which makes it difficult to strategically plan for the future and keep a check on the complexity.


If we have to draw a parallel in the biological world, in early 1980s, a group of Indian agricultural scientists genetically engineered a plant - a variant of "Prosopis juliflora" ..a thorny bush which was resistant to many diseases, could grow in dry soil and would not be eaten by cattle. This was a perfect plant to use as a fence around your precious rice fields and protect them from cattle and other pests. But the end result of deploying these natural fences was a thorny monstrous invader bush which took all the nutrients from the soil meant for the rice plants and turned healthy soil into unusable waste land...Unpredictable outcome very much like our IT landscape, new solutions can be introduced, but they can turn into administrative nightmare to keep these solutions running in the ever changing environment...


Moral of the Story : Introducing changes to a highly dynamic ecosystem can result in unpredictable outcomes...


Large scale enterprises can no longer afford unpredictable, lengthy and inefficient delivery process that does not support faster delivery cycles. Driven by market and customer pressures some of the industry leaders have started looking at alternate solutions to scale, accelerate and control the delivery outcomes.


There is a need for efficient and thoughtfully integrated applications to redefine the delivery pipeline through superior design, better delivery quality, and faster time to market. Achieving this goal is possible only through a smarter delivery pipeline which focuses on predictable outcomes, smarter development, and automation. Our vision is to holistically align culture, technology and best of delivery practices for effectively predicting cost, schedule and quality risks.


In today's massively connected world, we would need to redefine the intelligent delivery process where the need to is to deliver faster with lower risk. There is a need to build a Smart Development Platform to avoid the pitfalls of working in silos causing project delays, low quality or budget overrun. There are three design principles which we have followed to build our smart development platform


  • Augment user experience - Any persona - a developer, business analyst, tester, Project Manager or a CIO, there should be a able to naturally interact and engage with the smart development platform - ask a question, draw with a flick of a pen, smile or touch. Seamlessly move experience across devices


  • Re-invent Productivity - Evolve beyond individual productivity tools and design a smart fabric for computing based on trust, collaboration, gamification and artificial intelligence. Our customers should be able to scale up or down based on a virtualized automation pipeline and support hybrid computing


  • Intelligence as a force multipler - Predictive and analytical capability to check cost, quality and schedule. This would need scanning and assimilating vast quantities of code, operational and transactional data to drive risk assessment insights


Using these simplified design principles, Infosys has embarked on a journey to predict risk, improve enterprise agility and automate the activities involved in delivery through Infosys AgilePro - a smart development platform on Salesforce. 

Write to us on AgilePro@infosys.com for more details on this Smart Development Platform...

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