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November 29, 2017

Achieving predictable outcomes - Dream Launch of AgilePro

Over the last 10 years, we have seen Salesforce implementations getting evolved from a simple standalone Sales / Service application to a complete ecosystem which includes Sales, Service, CPQ, Ecommerce and other edge applications. The landscape today has a large number of integration with complex data transactions. Many of our enterprise level customers are facing one or more of the following challenges?


  1. How can we foresee risk across Cost, Schedule and most importantly Quality?
  2. Can we drive simplification of ecosystem, standardization and Industrialization of the delivery process?
  3. Is there a single platform which we provide coherent automation?


At Infosys Salesforce Practice, we feel there is a Need for Governance @ Source which can enable our customers to achieve predictable outcomes to effectively address these challenges.


Infosys AgilePro is one unified platform on Salesforce which provides Governance @Source by focusing on the following areas:


  1. Teams - Gamified guided development and knowledge management through an AI based Chatbot (Probuddy) for enhanced delivery output
  2. Release Agility - Smart Release Planning and defect management for enhanced productivity and predictable delivery outcomes
  3. Automated Delivery - Best of Breed Tools virtualized and provided as a E2E Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment Pipeline
  4. Quality - Comprehensive Delivery Output Assessment through Best Practices Enforcer
  5. Environment - TCO and ROI analysis of the Salesforce ecosystem
  6. Application Care - Org Health Analysis, Impact Analysis and one-click Customization through AppCare+



We have launched Infosys AgilePro in Salesforce's annual Tech Gala - Dreamforce 2017.


Feel free to write to us at AgilePro@Infosys.com for more details on this Enterprise Agility Platform.

More on AgilePro:


What is AgilePro?

Why does the world need AgilePro?

Functional Capabilities & Data Sheet

October 25, 2016

Dream Launch of Infosys CarePlus

Most of us know atleast one friend or relative who is battling a chronic illness like Diabetes, Heart Condition, Depression, Obesity, Cancer...And atleast once we would thought (or wished)  if there was a simpler way to detect a chronic illness and control it before it becomes a life threatening condition...Haven't we?


This one thought made us focus on a problem statement...


"How can we detect early and prevent a chronic illness?"

At Infosys Salesforce Practice, to solve this problem we combined our learnings from the best CRM designs and our domain knowledge in the Care Management Space to build Infosys CarePlus TM  - a Next Gen Integrated Care Management Platform as-a-service on Salesforce. It enables payers to connect better with patient by providing a 360-degree view of the patient through personal and health-tracking tools and monitoring devices. Through the platform, payers can connect with their patients and care providers for a value-based model - a strategic shift from the existing episodic care.


CarePlus Title picture.png

We have built CarePlus on three key design principles and provided as a managed package on the Salesforce ecosystem:

  1. Intent driven Ux - CarePlus is built on an adaptive intent driven design which works on the principle of combining the emotional and logical responses of a user for an effective user experience. CarePlus leverages Salesforce lightning design based UI and available on iOS and Android platforms.
  2. Digital Layer of Engagement - CarePlus is provided as digital layer of engagement where the 360 degree view of the Patient profile is built from patient record data like Electronic Health Records, patient's Claim records, Pharma records, Lab records. The patient information is further enriched with real time data such as the patient heart rate, blood pressure, activity and mRNA analysis from medical devices and health tracking devices.
  3. Predictive AI - What can we do with all the data on the patient? CarePlus inbuilt AI engine effectively self learns and identifies trends on the patient's data and provide proactive interventions which enables us to detect the illness early and take preventive action to ensure the patient's health is not threatened by the chronic illness


We have launched Infosys CarePlus TM in Salesforce's annual Tech Gala - Dreamforce 2016.

DreamForce Launch Collage.jpg

Appreciate your review and feedback on our Solution - Infosys CarePlus TM.

Short Video on CarePlus (3 min)

Functional Capabilities of the Solution

What is CarePlus?

July 2, 2013

Can Big Data help predict/prevent natural calamities?

On 18th June, tragedy struck Uttarakhand. Were we caught unaware by nature's fury or was something more sinister at play?

I believe that nature has its own checks and balances and gives enough indications that something is wrong to whosoever might care to listen. In this case, we couldn't make sense of signals that nature sent us.

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March 12, 2013

CRM Analytics in Telecom

CRM Analytics in telecom is an emerging yet partially explored area. In today's competitive landscape and cut throat competition, Service providers must give something 'extra' - Extra in form of personalized recommendations, possessing a predictive tool for identification of customer's needs, making offers which the customers can't refuse and so on. Telco's should not only be able to increase revenue but also retain the existing customers. Irony today is that Telco's are seated on a data pile but they are unable how to use it. Loads of customer information in form of Network data, Customer data, Location data etc. lies stagnant with Telco's. In the years to come, Telecommunications industry is sure to be an important data source for myriad other industries - be it Retail, Banking or even insurance!

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February 20, 2013

Enterprise CRM and DWH hand in hand- Supporting Analytics, CRM, BI to drive Business

CRM - Customer relationship Management (CRM) is integral part of every organization success story board and using right source of information at the right time, it can change the dynamics of the organization. CRM is used potentially by the business and its underlying data, infrastructure and application are being managed by IT. Most of the time, CRM Application is the most downstream application in the enterprise architecture; CRM gets data from various source system - Point of Sale (PoS) systems like retail, online, direct channel, various data enrichment stream like Big data e.g, Clickstream data, web log, social networking liking and comments, 3rd party file, customer review comments, common touch points like customer complaint, call back information, prospect capture. Some of the CRM application helps in capturing new prospect through direct channel and sometimes is used for updating existing customer contact details along with notes as well.

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September 8, 2011

CRM Essentials for Group-Buying Sites

Social commerce is being talked about as a game changer for organizations in the near future. The adoption will be quicker for those operating in B2C domain. Social Commerce in itself is an umbrella under which many sub-models can be defined. One such model that is gaining popularirty are the emergence of Group buying sites like Groupon, Snapdeal.com and others.

This business model has seen lot of growth in recent times. Be it the incessant amount of funding for start-ups or the craze among customers, this concept has caught the eyes of all alike. Being a customer for few of them, somehow I couldn't resist myself in analyzing the model from CRM standpoint. Thanks to my passion with stuffs that brings value to customers :).

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August 9, 2010

Using Personality & Horoscopes in enriching CRM

Let me start by asking some very simple questions to all the readers - do you believe in Astrology? or to make it more objective, let me put it as how many of you read your daily/weekly horoscope?

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February 19, 2010

Measuring CRM Effectiveness

Enhancing customer experience is always a challenge. In order to enhance business performance, organizations have to expand their customer base.

Growth happens only when customer relationships with the organization are robust and satisfied. And customer satisfaction can only be increased with effective CRM in an organization.

But how would one measure the effectiveness of CRM for an organization? Below are some criteria that can be applied:

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June 10, 2009

Are you able to measure your Marketing department’s effectiveness?

Marketing Effectiveness - a term that’s conspicuous with its absence in most organizations is gaining importance in today’s recession hit world. Marketing departments, traditionally a cost centre, are being asked to objectively demonstrate the impact of their marketing activities.

Traditionally the measurement of marketing activities’ output has been done through metrics like brand awareness, campaigns and events responses etc. Due to the subjective nature of these measures, the task of evaluating marketing department’s performance becomes difficult and quite often, organizations end up either aligning marketing goals to sales or setting subjective targets for various activities. The problem with both these approaches is that the organizations are never able to ascertain the exact dollar value that various marketing activities contribute towards the top line as well as the bottom line.

Managers across the industries are faced with some fundamental questions:

  • How can a marketing manager know in quantitative terms if it is better to invest cash in a brand-building campaign versus a sales promotion campaign?
  • How can they know which campaign was most successful with which kind of target audience?
  • How else can they segment their audience for a future campaign if not by analyzing the performance of their past ones?
  • How would they derive some learning out of their past marketing activities if they are not tracked by well defined KPI’s?

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April 17, 2009

Do you know what your customers want?

I was recently reviewing a paper written by my colleagues (Mitul Kumar and Nishant Awasthi) on Market Basket Analysis where they have explored the possibility of doing Market Basket Analysis using a standard Business Intelligence apps like Oracle BI, Business Objects, Cognos etc. (This paper will be presented in Oracle Applications User Group (OAUG) Conference to be held in Orlando in May this year.) They have taken an easy to implement model of Association Analysis and tried to answer the fundamental question that haunts every marketer: “Do I know what my customers want?”

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