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Blogger Profiles

Abhishek Bhardwaj

Senior Associate Consultant – Energy, Utilities, Communications and Services, Infosys

abhishek bhardwajWith nearly 4 years of experience – working in areas such as CRM, CRM applications, master data management (MDM), communications and location intelligence, integrations using middleware – Abhishek is well-versed with the nuances of key IT processes and capabilities.

As a Senior Associate Consultant, currently he is working on pre-built/custom integrations in Telecom stack and MDM. Abhishek will blog on CRM, Social Media, Project Management, MDM and Location Intelligence.

Alpesh Narendra Chauhan

Lead Consultant – CRM, Consulting & Systems Integration Services – Manufacturing, Infosys

Alpesh Narendra ChauhanAlpesh Chauhan has nine years of industry experience, including seven years in the CRM space. He is an Oracle Certified Siebel CRM 8.0 business analyst. He has worked on various CRM transformation programs for customers across telecom, CPG and manufacturing industries. In his current role, Alpesh is working as a business process lead for CRM implementation program for a US-based self-services and security solution provider.

Alpesh blogs on CRM and mobility trends, including on themes like bring your own device (BYOD) and impact of consumerization on IT.

Amit Kumar

Associate Consultant, Retail, CPG, Logistics and Life Sciences - ADT, Infosys

amit kumarAmit has over four years of industry experience. He has worked on various phases of projects including requirement analysis, configuration management, data model, issue resolution and migration from one salesforce instance to another.

He will blog on Salesforce.com and Cloud Computing CRM.

Anand Bharadwaj

Lead Consultant, Consulting and Systems Integration, Infosys

anand n bharadwajAnand is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) consultant with more than 10 years of experience. He has been involved as a Lead Consultant and Project Manager in many support and implementation projects across various CRM modules.

Anand will blog on CRM Strategy, Incentive Compensation Design and Strategy, Sales and Distribution Strategy.

Aniruddha Bhattacharya

Principal Consultant, CRM-RCL, Infosys

aniruddha bhattacharyaAniruddha Bhattacharya has more than a decade of IT experience in the area of CRM, digital marketing, and loyalty and data management. He has significant product expertise in Siebel CRM and best-of-breed enterprise marketing products like Unica. As a program manager, Aniruddha is responsible for CRM transformation programs, and he is also the lead analyst for business change initiatives. He is instrumental in anchoring strategic focus area for digital marketing at the Retail, CPG, Logistics and Life Sciences unit.

Aniruddha will blog on CRM, digital marketing, and related topics.

Ashish Nijhawan

Principal Consultant – Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Infosys

Ashish NijhawanAshish has worked on multiple Siebel implementation projects for over a decade. He has also worked extensively across domains and managed Greenfield implementations. His experience includes Siebel CRM, program management, and presales.

Ashish will share his insights on customer experience management, cloud, mobile, and social CRM.

Ashish Verma

Senior Consultant, RCLORC – Siebel, Infosys

Ashish VermaAshish has worked in different roles, including CRM functional consultant, product modeler, solution designer, business analyst, and pre-sales anchor during his career that spans over nine years. He has been involved in providing solutions to complex business problems and validating using proof-of-concept methodology.

Ashish will blog on topics such as CRM, order management, cloud solutions, customer experience enhancement, big data, Internet of Things (IoT), and emerging delivery / business models in these domains.

Bappaditya Roy

Consultant, Management Consulting – Manufacturing Unit, Infosys

Bappaditya RoyBappaditya has over six years of experience in management consulting services. He has worked with large global manufacturing clients in the areas of analytics, reporting, and asset management.

He has managed online marketing activities for the Consulting and Systems Integration (C&SI) unit, and led social media activities and brand campaigns.

In his blogs, Bappaditya will write about management consulting, use of advanced analytics in manufacturing business, and analytics in social media and marketing.

Biswadeep Ghosh

Consultant – Manufacturing, Infosys

Biswadeep GhoshBiswadeep has more than six years of industry experience. He has been with Infosys for two years. He works as a consultant, specializing in customer relationship management (CRM) solution conceptualization, design and implementation.

He is actively involved in Salesforce.com proposals, POC’s, industry solutions and implementation of projects which involve configuration and customization using force.com applications for developing customer applications.

Biswadeep will blog on topics of interest like – Salesforce.com, CRM industry landscape, CRM interface, salesforce mobile and Cloud.

Biswajith K Setty

Lead Consultant, CRM/CXM – Manufacturing, Infosys

Biswajith K SettyBiswajith is an IT professional with over 10 years of experience. He has worked on Siebel CRM implementation for clients across verticals such as finance, manufacturing, and communications. At Infosys, Biswajith has worked on complex application integrations between Siebel, Oracle eBS, and other industry standard applications.

Biswajith takes a keen interest in the mobility space and will blog on topics such as mobile apps, cloud, CRM, and social CRM.

Bhuvanesh Purohit

Senior Consultant – ECS-ADT , Infosys

Bhuvanesh PurohitWith nine years of experience, Bhuvanesh has honed his skills in CRM, cloud solutions, order management, and BSS . He has spent the last two years at Infosys working in various roles, including as CRM Functional Consultant, Salesforce Consultant, Solution Designer, and Pre-Sales Anchor. He is extensively involved in providing solutions to complex business problems and validating them using “Proof of Concept” methodology.

Bhuvanesh will blog about CRM, order management, cloud solutions, customer experience enhancement and emerging delivery/business models.

Deepak Kumar Jha

Principal Consultant, Process and Domain Consulting – Energy, Utilities, Communications and Services (ECS), Infosys

Deepak Kumar JhaDeepak has close to 13 years of professional experience in the field of telecom / finance billing and customer relationship management (CRM). He has extensive experience dealing with commercial and off-the-shelf (COTS) system implementation, support, operational efficiency and partner management.

He has also co-authored an article on mobile number portability and was the pricing solution lead for a UK- based financial major.

Deepak will blog on CRM, mediation, billing, and provisioning.

Dinesh Singh

Senior Consultant, Manufacturing-ADT, Infosys

Dinesh has over seven years of industry experience. He is currently serving as a CRM consultant in Salesforce automation with Infosys. He has been involved in various CRM projects and has also streamlined CRM processes for different companies.

He will blog on CRM – Salesforce, Social CRM, CRM strategies for developing countries and CRM Analytics.

Gopi Krishna Kolla

Technology Architect, Enterprise Information Management – Retail, Infosys

gopi krishna kollaAmong the technologies Gopi Krishna Kolla has worked on extensively during his eight-year career in IT industry are CRM, master data management (MDM), and data integration.

As a Technology Architect in Infosys, Gopi is responsible for laying out the best-fit architecture and providing technical designs and solutions for end-to-end, enterprise-wide implementations of multi-domain MDM. In so doing, he draws on service-oriented architecture (SOA) principles as well as data integration methodologies and tools. Currently Gopi is involved with enabling a large transformational MDM journey for an upscale retail client of Infosys in the U.S.

Gopi will blog on master data management and data integration.

Himanshu Chaturvedi

Consultant, Manufacturing unit, Infosys

Himanshu ChaturvediHimanshu specializes in implementing Siebel CRM solutions, designs, development, and systems integration at Infosys. His primary expertise is in different Siebel CRM modules such as field service, contact, account management, and order management. He has been involved in providing CRM solutions to business requirements and validating mock ups using proof- of-concept methodology.

Himanshu will blog on topics such as Oracle Siebel CRM, enterprise application integration (Siebel EAI), and Oracle Fusion.

Ibtesamuddin Mohammed

System Engineer, Manufacturing – ADT, Infosys


MohammedIbtesamuddin Mohammed is a systems engineer associated with multiple Salesforce CRM projects across regions. He has authoritative knowledge of Apex, Visualforce, HTML, and Javascript technologies.

Ibtesamuddin writes on the features of Salesforce CRM (the base platform he works on) and the latest trends around it, providing cross-domain and cross-technology perspectives.

Jairaj Asok Kumar

Senior Consultant, Enterprise Solutions, Infosys

Jairaj Asok KumarJairaj is a senior consultant at the Master Data Management (MDM) practice in Infosys. He has more than 9 years of experience in leading the delivery of information management solutions (web application and business intelligence applications) for global companies in banking, insurance, high- technology and retail in the U.S., U.K. and Australia.

Jairaj is an expert in MDM service-based offerings in data rationalization and consolidation, skill building through training and developing assets, reusables and templates for MDM. He also has experience in information management consulting, channel partner accreditation/business process re- engineering/business transformation using web application and business intelligence/data warehousing.

Jairaj will blog on MDM and Information Management.

James Dale

Engagement Manager, SAP Practice – Manufacturing, Infosys

James DaleIn a career that spans 25 years, James Dale has over 15 years of in-depth experience in working with large ERP prime project implementations for high-tech, automotive, aerospace, and manufacturing clients in USA. He joined Infosys in 2013.

In his blogs, James will shed light on key SAP offerings at Infosys and share insights from current client success stories.

Javed Shaikh

Senior Consultant, Manufacturing Unit, Infosys

Javed ShaikhAs a senior consultant in Oracle, Javed is extensively involved in engagements with large global manufacturing clients. He is also responsible for developing and generating new business opportunities for existing clients in the areas of service, sales, and marketing management.

Javed is an experienced professional with more than 10 years of experience. During his seven-year tenure at Infosys, he has successfully managed multiple transformation projects across industry verticals.

Javed will chiefly blog on customer relationship management, social CRM, cloud, and marketing.

Kannan Narayanan

Principal Consultant, Cloud practice, Infosys

Kannan NarayananKannan Narayanan brings over 18 years of industry experience to the table, which includes architecting, providing solutions, and managing technical delivery across various technology platforms. He has focused on managing Salesforce implementations over the last three years and is a certified Salesforce developer and administrator.

Kannan will blog on Salesforce, industry trends on cloud computing technology and project management.

Karthik Nagarajan

Consultant, Enterprise Solutions, CRM, Infosys

Karthik NagarajanKarthik has around five years of experience in the IT industry. He has worked on Amdocs Customer Relationship Management (CRM) implementations for large telecom companies in Europe. Karthik is currently working on an In-life team project for a telecom company in the U.K.

Karthik will blog on CRM trends, marketing and telecom.

Mahadevan Meikum Perumal

Industry Principal, Customer Relationship Management – Financial Services and Insurance, Infosys

mahadevan meikum perumalMaha has 14 years of industry experience and specializes in CRM & MDM. He manages best of breed CRM (SFDC, MS Dynamics and Chordiant) Service Delivery for FSI markets in UK and Continental Europe. Maha has led and driven CRM transformation programs for several fortune 500 customers in Europe and US. He is great advocate for Customer Experience management and Social CRM. Maha will blog on Customer Experience Management (CEM), Social CRM, Analytical CRM, Mobile CRM, Master Data Management, and Trends in CRM.

Manpreet Singh

Senior Associate Consultant, Manufacturing and Digital Transformation, Infosys

manpreet singhManpreet has about 4 years of experience in the IT industry.

As a Senior Associate Consultant in Manufacturing and Digital Transformation, Manpreet is responsible for requirement gathering, designing, configuring and customizing the Salesforce.com solution as well as for testing and deployment. He is a techno-functional resource, performing multiple roles in projects.

Manpreet will blog on Cloud-Based Solutions (such as Software as a Service, Platform as a Service, Infrastructure as a Service, and Integration as a Service), Salesforce.com, and CRM Trends in Manufacturing.

Mehul Joshi

Senior Associate Consultant, Energy, Communication, Utilities and Services, Infosys

mehul joshiMehul is a packaged applications consulting and presales expert. With about two years of experience in the IT industry, he is currently working as a business analyst with Infosys Communications Lab. He specializes in Siebel CRM.

Mehul will blog on Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Telecom Domain, Marketing, Customer Service, and Solutions.

Nishith Gupta

Senior Associate Consultant, ECS-Products, Platforms & Solutions

nishith guptaNishith has over 4 years of experience in designing, developing and consulting of the CRM/CEM products and solutions. In his stint with Infosys, he has successfully led the design and development for innovative Social CRM Solution and is currently a member of product management for a proprietary CRM/CEM Infosys product. In his earlier stint, he has helped in developing customer retention and campaign management applications for leading telecom player of U.S.

He will blog on CRM trends, Customer Experience and Social CRM

Nitin Lehri

Lead Consultant, Customer Relationship Management – Enterprise Solutions, Infosys

nitin lehriNitin has over seven years of experience in the IT industry. He currently leads Complex Orders rolling over to Contracts part of an enhancement program that is being carried out for a global leader in office supplies and equipments. He specializes in optimizing and standardizing business processes and has strong knowledge of CRM modules spanning sales, marketing, contact center, and field service. He has extensive experience in technology consulting, package evaluation and implementations for clients in the telecom and manufacturing domains.

Nitin holds certification in Siebel Order Management from Oracle University and is an Infosys certified Process Trainer for Siebel Marketing. He is a Subject Matter Expert (SME) for Siebel Marketing and Pricing modules.

Nitin will blog on CRM Strategy, Marketing Channels and Dynamic Pricing.

Rahul Jain

Associate Consultant, Salesforce.com — Energy, Communications and Services (Advanced Technologies), Infosys

Rahul JainRahul Jain is responsible for interacting with clients and maintaining business continuity. In addition, he offers consulting around Salesforce.com.

Rahul is a recipient of the excellence award for contribution toward projects as well as a Salesforce.com certified administrator and sales cloud consultant.

In his jottings, Rahul captures the nuances of Salesforce.com and customer relationship management.

Ramanujam Varadhan

CRM Consultant, Life Sciences-Oracle, Infosys

Ramanujam VaradhanWith over a decade of experience in the IT industry, Ramanujam has gained in-depth knowledge and expertise in development, support, and thought leadership in CRM space. During his five-year tenure at Infosys, he has played multiple roles in CRM, including in business analysis, development and support.

Ramanujam will share his thoughts on customer experience, process improvements, design, function, and CRM trends.

Richa Thakur

Consultant, Manufacturing – Oracle, Infosys

Richa ThakurRicha Thakur has over three years of experience in the IT industry. In her current role, she works as a functional consultant, managing a Siebel implementation for a US based client.

She has played multiple roles as a Functional Consultant, showcasing a deep knowledge of the Siebel CRM package and assisting various European and US based clients. She has notably designed various mobility solutions using the Proof of Concept (PoC) methodology.

Richa will chiefly blog on CRM, customer experience enhancement, emerging technologies, and latest trends.

Rituparn Prem Dixit

Principal, Digital Transformation, Management Consulting Services

rituparn prem dixitRituparn has more than 14 years of industry experience spanning across Management Consulting & Product management. He has lead strategy consulting assignments for various company programs across industries around Mobility, Digital media & CRM.

He will blog on trends around Social media, Web 2.0, customer experience and customer relationship management.

Sachin Aggarwal

Project Manager, Digital Transformation, Financial Services and Insurance, Infosys

Sachin AggarwalSachin has more than 12 years of experience in the IT industry.

As a Project Manager in Financial Services and Insurance, Sachin is responsible for handling multiple accounts and initiatives in Infosys’ Salesforce.com practice. He has also served as an anchor responsible for publishing training materials around the Salesforce.com practice. Most recently, Sachin was credited with managing an end-to-end greenfield Salesforce.com implementation project in the Life Sciences domain.

Sachin will blog on the Salesforce.com Practice and Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

Sameer Mahajan

Senior Associate Consultant, Manufacturing – Oracle Siebel, Infosys

Sameer MahajanSameer Mahajan specializes in CRM, cloud solution, service, and sales and marketing management. He is currently a process and domain consultant for several global manufacturing clients.

During his three-year tenure at Infosys, Sameer has played multiple roles – CRM Functional Consultant, Siebel Consultant, Solution Designer and Pre-Sales Anchor. He provides solutions to complex business problems in the manufacturing vertical.

Sameer has over 6 years of industry experience and will bring best practices from this experience to his blog posts. He will also share his views on customer relationship management, social CRM, and cloud and marketing solutions.

Satyam Gambhir

Senior Associate Consultant, Infosys

Satyam GambhirSatyam Gambhir has significant expertise in implementing customer relationship management (CRM) and related solutions. His skills repertoire covers social CRM, Web and text analytics, advanced content management systems, Salesforce.com, Radian6, Google analytics, Adobe analytics, and WordPress CMS implementation.

Satyam actively participates and plays a key role in building proof of concepts (POC) in the social and mobile CRM space that primarily helps clients in building relationships with customers.

He is drawn to topics like CRM, digital marketing, analytics and related areas.

Shanmugam Gnanasambandam

Principal Consultant, Infosys Labs

Shanmugam GnanasambandamShanmugam works with the Mobility Group, within Infosys Labs and focuses on Enterprise Mobility Solutions, People Management, Competency Building and Operations & Process Improvements. He has 20+ years of work experience, in the Telecom, Mobility, Enterprise Solutions and CRM space. His functional areas of work includes Customers Service, Consulting, Project and Product Management. He is passionate about knowledge sharing, and actively contributes through Teaching, Mentoring and Writing.

Sridhar Ganti

Consultant, Consulting and System Integration, Manufacturing Vertical, Infosys

Sridhar has over five years of experience in the IT industry. Currently, as a Business Analyst, he specializes in manufacturing and automotive verticals. He has received numerous accolades from clients, for his Customer Relationship Management (CRM) implementation projects.

Sridhar will blog on CRM in Automotive, Hi-Tech Manufacturing and Telecom.

Shyamalee Pramod Samvatsar

Principal Consultant, Oracle Practice, Infosys

Shyamalee Pramod SamvatsarShyamalee has over 10 years of experience in the IT industry. She has significant product expertise in Siebel CRM and Oracle Communications stack. Her domain expertise also extends to sales, marketing, service, and analytics.

Shyamalee has played key roles in several business transformation engagements in industries like telecom, manufacturing, and parcel express and logistics. She has also led the development of innovative solutions in social CRM, mobility and BSS / OSS transformation.

Shyamalee will blog on CRM with special focus on customer experience, cross-channel possibilities and mobility.

Srinath Pydimarri

Senior Consultant, Enterprise Solutions, Infosys

Srinath PydimarriSrinath has seven years of IT experience. He currently works as a Social CRM Solutions Consultant. Srinath specializes in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution conceptualization, design and project management. He also has extensive experience in Siebel CRM.

Srinath has played a key role in providing CRM Solution Consulting and Project Management for Fortune 500 clients in the Telecom and Manufacturing domains.

He will blog on CRM and Social CRM.

Shruti Bahuguna

Consultant, Salesforce.com – ECAS, Infosys Technologies

Shruti BahugunaShruti Bahuguna serves as a Consultant with the Salesforce.com practice at Infosys. Her areas of expertise spans around CRM, cloud computing, social CRM, order management and BSS, and digital transformation. She has over five years of experience.

Shruti has donned multiple roles in her career span. This includes being a CRM functional consultant for Salesforce.com, related AppExchange products consultant, solution designer, business analyst, and pre-sales. She has been actively involved in providing solutions to complex business problems and validating using ‘Proof of Concept’ and Agile methodology.

In her blog posts, Shruti will share valuable insights on digital transformation, Salesforce.com, CRM Trends, cloud computing, cloud security, cloud solutions, order management, customer experience management, social and mobile CRM, and emerging delivery / business models.

Subodh Rane

Senior Consultant – Energy, Communication & Services, Oracle (ECSORC), Infosys

Subodh RaneWith over a decade of experience, Subodh Rane is an accomplished customer relationship management (CRM) consultant. In his facility as a functional consultant in the CRM domain, he has lead several business transformation programs in industries such as services, manufacturing, high-tech, publishing, and media.

Subodh will share his insights on CRM and related topics.

Supriyo Chakraborty

Technology Architect, Retail, CPG, Logistics and Life Sciences – ADT, Infosys

Supriyo ChakrabortySupriyo Chakraborty has more than eight years of IT experience in the area of data warehouse, business intelligence (BI), customer relationship management (CRM), and insight and data management. In his role, Supriyo is currently responsible for providing technical solution and functional prototypes, as well as for helping build reference architecture for DWH, BI and CRM. He has significant product expertise in ETL tools like Informatica and SSIS; BI tools like Business Objects and MicroStrategy; and best-of-breed enterprise marketing products like Unica and Epiphany, along with the database knowledge of Netezza, Oracle and SAS analytics.

Supriyo will be blogging on data warehouse, BI, CRM, insight management, and analytics.

U. Satish Kumar

Lead Consultant, Manufacturing, Infosys

U. Satish KumarProviding consulting services on CRM projects is Satish’s key proficiency, and he lays emphasis on effective delivery of cloud- based applications as well as on effective client adoption, value realization, and team management. Key achievements at Infosys include implementing the first Oracle CRM On Demand project for Infosys, anchoring multiple Oracle CRM On Demand projects, and establishing Oracle CRM On Demand as a sub-practice within the Oracle practice at Infosys.

He will blog on cloud computing, sales force, service and sales strategy for small and medium businesses (SMBs), CRM On Demand and best practices in implementing software projects.

Vipul Arora

Senior Consultant – CRM, Consulting and Systems Integration Services – Manufacturing, Infosys

Vipul AroraVipul has more than nine years of experience in the IT industry. With expertise in CRM, he currently works with automobile majors in providing CRM solutions for Oracle suite of products.

In his role, he has most notably worked on various CRM transformation programs for customers across the manufacturing industry.

Vipul writes mostly on CRM, cloud computing and knowledge management.

Vivek Bhatia

Associate Consultant, Energy, Utilities, Communications and Services (ECS), Infosys

Vivek BhatiaVivek Bhatia has over three years of experience in the e-billing process at the Energy, Communications and Services – Advanced Technologies (ECSADT) unit. Within a short span of time, Vivek managed to efficiently lead the induction of new team members for ongoing projects and has also taken ownership of the offshore requirements for a telco client.

Vivek will blog on e-billing, social media integration, customer relationship management (CRM) and Agile.