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January 30, 2013

Green CRM: The Way to Grow

Retail organisations have realised that a big part of challenge is to change how they contact customers. Emerging trends in CRM are not only about consistent experience for customers across user touch points like web, social, mobile, search, affiliates etc. but also minimising environmental impact of technology related equipment like phasing out servers.   Green CRM may be termed as using new CRM technologies which enhance customer experience and at the same time lower energy consumption by using new channels, centralising technical components and optimal use of servers in lesser number of locations.


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June 6, 2009

Empowering the Next Generation Call Agent

I’ve had a hectic & eventful last few weeks, studying call center processes & agents in different types of call centers. I wanted to share some conclusions with this CRM community and take some feedback (and also break a chain of Customer Experience posts from my side!). This post is going to be less about the processes and more about the agents…

‘Average talk time’ and ‘Service levels’ continue to be the most significant measures of an agent’s performance. I have to jump into an analogy immediately… these measures are akin to a sales rep diligently tracking ‘SG&A’ as a key metric. These are certainly important & quantifiable metrics but need to be higher up in the pyramid. Levers to achieve good service levels and low SG&As are way broader than what a call agent or a sales rep can significantly influence. For a sales rep, the single biggest measure has been and will always be ‘Top-Line’. This, very clearly, is their raison d'être. I don’t know if we will ever achieve unanimity on this but what is the call agent’s raison d'être?

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