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January 30, 2013

Green CRM: The Way to Grow

Retail organisations have realised that a big part of challenge is to change how they contact customers. Emerging trends in CRM are not only about consistent experience for customers across user touch points like web, social, mobile, search, affiliates etc. but also minimising environmental impact of technology related equipment like phasing out servers.   Green CRM may be termed as using new CRM technologies which enhance customer experience and at the same time lower energy consumption by using new channels, centralising technical components and optimal use of servers in lesser number of locations.


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March 30, 2012

Mobility: Focus on Field Service

If we closely observe the traffic in our cities, we see people commuting to and fro from their offices and you can associate a set pattern to this routine. There will be congestions on all major roads of the cities during peak hours both in the morning and the evenings when people return back to their homes. But, there is a big section of these commuters who travel the entire day frequenting various places which fall under their zones. These people are the field service engineers who can be our cable operators, furniture carpenters, electricians, equipment maintenance guys, etc.

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January 8, 2010

Smartphones: The Need for ‘Smarter’ CRM

Customizability and Simplicity would be the distinguishing characteristics of smart-phone CRM applications.

“Hi,  I’ll take the iPhone”
“ Sir, Why don’t you try our other smart-phones models like…”
“ I’ll take the iPhone”
“..we have a special offers with monthly bill discounts, for these other models…”
“I’ll take the iPhone”
“ …Sir, we have received numerous service complaints with the iPhone and ..”
“I’ll take the iPhone”

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July 1, 2009

Mobile Applications on Laptop or Handheld; And The Winner is….

Confinement has always been meted with a rebellion to move out free. The desire to be your own boss, to plan your own schedule or to work on your own terms has always been inherent in every living species (I did not want to state and confine these desires only for humans).

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